How eLearning Assessment Results Can Help You Custom-Tailor Your Content

How eLearning Assessment Results Can Help You Custom-Tailor Your Content
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Summary: Learn how reporting on your eLearning assessment results can help you tailor your LMS content to ensure your students are getting the results the deserve!

eLearning Assessment Results: How To Custom-Tailor You Content

If you provide eLearning training to your students, you may not have a lot of interaction with them apart from when it comes to assessment time. Whether they sit the assessments in-person, or online through your Learning Management System (LMS), this may be your first indication of how your students are getting on with the material, and if they are learning it effectively or not. That's why it's so important to look at your assessment reports regularly.

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The assessment results of your students can give you some great insight into their learning experience with your training company. With eLearning, you obviously won’t be able to gain any information on the performance of your trainers, but you will be able to get a deeper look at how your eLearning content is performing.

Lots Of Students Are Under-Performing

Sometimes, even with the best course content out there, you’re going to have some students who get poor scores or even fail your course. While it’s not ideal for them or for your training company, these things are sometimes unavoidable. However, if you notice a large number of students under-performing on the one course, then the problem could be on your side.

As we said above, your eLearning content is the only real interaction your students have with you, as they won’t be meeting with your trainers on a regular basis. This means if there’s a problem, it’s most likely your content! The first thing you need to do is go through the entire course yourself and make sure it’s all working properly. Are all the files loading? Is all the text readable? Are all the images or videos loading properly? Are there any sections missing? All of these things are easy mistakes to make when uploading your content, but they could have a negative effect on your students if they are missing out on vital information!

The next thing you need to do is look at the course content in comparison to the assessment. Have you covered all the points raised in the assessment thoroughly enough in the content to ensure your students are able to provide adequate answers? Is everything covered that needs to be to ensure a passing outcome? Again, you may have simply forgotten to include something in the course content, or you may have recently updated the assessment but not the course content. These are easy mistakes to fix, and it’s important you deal with them quickly.

If everything is looking alright on those fronts, you next need to study the course content and see whether it explains everything effectively. If you were taking the assessment yourself, would you feel prepared after studying this course content? You should go through the course with a couple of different people in your training company to make sure you have a consensus on what needs to be changed and what additional information needs to be included.

You may also want to look at the content of your assessments as well. Perhaps questions are phrased in a confusing way which is making it difficult for your students to answer them properly. Assessments are meant to test your student’s knowledge, but if they’re overly difficult, all you’re doing is setting your students up for failure!

Lots Of Students Are Over-Performing

While having lots of students over-performing may seem like a good thing, it may also be worth probing into further. You obviously want your students to pass your training with flying colors, but you also need to make sure you are challenging them and providing them with enough knowledge that they will be able to retain and use it after the training has finished. If your courses are too easy and aren’t pushing your students, chances are they aren’t learning very much.

Again, have a look at your course content and see what needs to be added to make it a little more challenging. Perhaps you could include additional points for them to study, to provide them with an even deeper knowledge of the subject. Or you could look at expanding the points you’ve included to make them a bit more comprehensive. We’re not saying make things difficult for the sake of it, but your students came to you because they wanted to learn, and take away lots of new knowledge, and if you’re not pushing them in your eLearning courses, then they may leave you feeling like it was a big waste of time.

Finally, as we mentioned above, you may want to look at the content of your assessments as well. Perhaps you’ve phrased a few of your questions too easily, or maybe you could swap some of the question types up by changing multiple choice questions for essay questions, to ensure you are really testing your student’s knowledge.