Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success

by Administrate

Reporting is a hugely important task for any business, and it's vital that you can report on everything you're doing so you can easily get a full picture of your company's performance. LMS reporting allows you to specifically report on all the eLearning aspects of your training business so you can easily measure your success while comparing and contrasting the data with reports from the rest of your business.


Our "Big Data for Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success" eBook is full of information and advice on how to make the most from your LMS reporting system!

Key Chapters

  1. The Importance Of Robust LMS Reporting For Training Companies

    If you don’t think reporting is an important task in your training business, we’re here to tell you why you’re wrong!

  2. 5 Tips To Choose The LMS With The Right Reporting Features For Your Training Company

    Pick the perfect LMS reporting system for your business by making sure it includes all the features you need!

  3. 4 Tips To Analyze LMS Reports To Pinpoint Pain Points

    Find out the best way to use your LMS reports to analyze pain points in your training offering.

  4. 5 Common LMS Reporting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    Making sure your reports are useful to your whole business by avoiding these common LMS reporting mistakes.

  5. 4 Overlooked Benefits Of LMS Reporting

    LMS reporting can be an excellent addition to your business! Check out these 4 commonly overlooked benefits that prove you need an LMS reporting system.

  6. How eLearning Assessment Results Can Help Your Custom-Tailor Your Content

    Find out how your students’ assessment results can help you further custom-tailor your eLearning content.

  7. 5 Questions to Evaluate LMS Reporting Features During Your Free Demo

    If you’re thinking of investing in new software, a demo is the best place to get a feel for the system and whether you like it. These are the 5 questions we think you need to ask to make sure you find the perfect LMS.

  8. 4 Ways to Monitor Learner Engagement With LMS Reports

    Reports can help with your training measurement, but they can also help you with things like monitoring your learner engagement levels, so you can offer the best learning experience possible.

  9. 3 Sources Of Big Data Outside Your Learning Management System

    LMS reporting is vital for gathering data on your training business, but it might not hold all the answers! Find out the other big sources of data outside your LMS.

  10. 6 Ways You Can Use LMS Reports To Improve Your eLearning Product

    Find out how to use your LMS reporting to not only give you lots of vital data but also to improve your eLearning product for your students.

  11. 4 Ways LMS Reporting Boosts Your eLearning Revenue Stream

    LMS reporting can do lots of wonderful things for your business, such as boosting your eLearning revenue stream!

  12. 10 Useful LMS Reports To Keep On Your Radar

    Knowing which reports to pull from your LMS can be overwhelming, but we’ve picked the top 10 you need to keep on your radar at all times!

As a training company, having an LMS (Learning Management System) can be a great move for your business, as it allows you to offer eLearning to your students. However, it can also be a great move for another reason – reporting!

When one says that the features of LMSs have come to be countless, you shouldn’t put on a skeptical face. Learning Management Systems provide complete eLearning solutions and the meaning of this is something that will have you discovering new possibilities for quite a while. What this eBook Administrate has let out aims at, is to give you all the info and advice you need to manage and make good use of LMS reporting. From the “A”, that is choosing the LMS with the reporting features you need, to the “Z” where you find out sources of reporting outside your LMS, this eBook covers it all. Mistakes to avoid, benefits not to be overlooked, and the use of Big Data deriving from reporting in different stages of your organizational functioning. There are many ways that Big Data can be interpreted as many things are hidden in it. In mastering the report process you will see improvement in learner engagement, knowledge retention, employees performance and, eventually, on your revenue stream.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network