How eLearning Courses Can Improve Learning

How eLearning Courses Can Improve Learning
Summary: In this article we discuss how eLearning courses can make learning more effectual as well as techniques to better connect and engage with the target audience.

eLearning Courses Can Help Improve Learning

Walking the streets of a foreign country, I oftentimes find myself drawn toward people who look somewhat like me. I feel a sort of affiliation with them, just because we have the same hair color or the same skin tone. I feel connected to them, especially when I overhear them speaking my language. Many times, these same people seem to be drawn to me too. So we exchange smiles, say quick hellos or sometimes even get down to really starting a conversation. Twice I have ended up actually becoming friends with some of these people - people who were complete strangers to me, yet a connection was formed just because of the similarities we noted with each other.

The same concept is applicable for learning, particularly when it comes to electronic learning or eLearning. Familiarity with how the course is presented will certainly help a great deal in making it more understandable and effective for the viewer.

When developing eLearning courses, it is important to note that reaching out to your target market is crucial. This will help them in better relating to the topics, as well as finding suitable applications for various concepts. For instance, an eLearning course aimed at Asians may be better appreciated if the individuals used in the course possess Asian qualities. Course participants may be better able to relate to individuals with dark-colored hair and dark-colored eyes. It would also be wise to use expressions that are common in the region that your target market belongs to. For instance, British expressions might be misunderstood by, say, an  American or an Australian. As well, medical jargon might go completely misperceived by, for example, a group of marketing officers. Hence, it is vital to always be aware of your target market's profile so you could tailor-fit your approach and thus make the eLearning experience better for them.

The use of videos and voice-overs can also be a great way to boost the eLearning experience. Concepts perceived through visuals may be better absorbed, rather than if they are conveyed through mere words. Translation plays a big role here. An e-course can be made more effective if it is discussed in your target market's native tongue. This way, concepts could be better absorbed and ideas will be better understood if the individual is relaxed and familiar with the words he/she encounters. Idioms and popular expressions could even be utilized to help bring your messages across more effectively. This way, your target market will be able to better apply the eLearning process to the situations he/she finds himself/herself in. As well, it is important to note that videos should be kept concise. According to studies, 12 minutes is the maximum amount of time within which a person can focus on a particular topic. Thus, make sure that you are able to convey essential information quickly. Be direct, brief and concise.

Developing eLearning courses can be quite challenging. However, it is a more innovative, practical, and quick way to get your message across to your target market, no matter where they are in the globe. With such a tool, you can make learning more interesting, interactive, and enjoyable. Your concepts and ideas will be better appreciated and absorbed with a bit of creativity and novelty.