eLearning That Fits Your Needs: A Guide To TalentLMS Pricing, Plans, And Options
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A Guide To TalentLMS Pricing Plans And Options For eLearning That Fits Your Needs

Take TalentLMS, our Cloud powered Learning Management System offering, as an example. It’s always available, and there’s no need to install, upgrade, or backup anything. For you, there’s just the fun and productive part of creating and running your courses.

Eager to start? That's great, for in this article we’ll examine the available TalentLMS pricing options, so you can pick the one that matches your needs.

Free Learning Management System

Price-wise, it doesn't get any better than this: Our free tier is meant as a way to demo TalentLMS, but it can also be used as a very capable Learning Management System if you're a very small company or organization that is OK with the “up to 5 users” and “up to 10 courses” limit.

Unlike some other “free” plans that come with strings attached, our free plan doesn't have a time limit, and also doesn't require you to enter your credit card details to create an account.

TalentLMS Plans

Our programs come in “Standard” and “Unlimited” versions, which differ in the amount of courses, users, and features that are supported.

TalentLMS standard plans limit the total number of registered users based on a hard limit (e.g. 25 users for the Small Standard plan). You can delete a user to free a spot for another one, but you can't have more users than your plan supports.

Unlimited plans, on the other hand, allow for an unlimited number of users to be registered, but support a base number of “active users” per month (e.g. 25 users for our Small Unlimited plan). With an Unlimited plan you can have as many active users as you want by paying a small fee for each extra active user.

All plans are offered in annual and monthly billing options. Since the former are cheaper, they are recommended for all users, unless they only need to run a Learning Management System for a few months.

As for support, our team offers support for all account tiers, including the free one; this being the Cloud, backups, monitoring, and service updates handled automatically for you.

And with that, let’s have a look at our standard plans:

  1. Standard Small.
    Our small plan is great for, well, smaller companies or organizations (under 30-50 employees). Paying just $29/month (annually) is an extremely affordable way to have your own eLearning deployment that can support unlimited courses and up to 25 users.
  2. Basic.
    Next up from small is the basic plan, which comes to $99 per month (for annual billing) and allows the same unlimited courses, but increases the supported users up to 100, and adds Single Sign-On, so you can integrate it with your company's or organization's intranet.
  3. Plus and Premium. 
    For larger businesses, but still in the realm of SMEs, there's our “Plus” plan, which for $199/month offers unlimited courses for up to 500 users, Single Sign-On support, and custom reporting. For a larger business that has to support a few hundred of employees (or students) and wants to do it on the cheap, “Plus” is the package we would recommend. Premium, the top of our Standard plans, has the exact same features as Plus, but for $349/month it doubles the amount of users you can train to a thousand.
  4. Unlimited Plans. 
    Our 4 Unlimited Plans allow you to register an unlimited number of users, with pricing based only on the number of active users that login to your eLearning portal each month. Depending on the plan, there's an amount of active users that can be connected each month. Beyond that capacity, there's a charge of $4 for each additional active user. These plans are great for companies or organizations with a large potential student base but that only train a small part of it (e.g. want to eventually train 500 users in your organization, but only need to train 50 of them at a time). It's also great for companies wanting to sell courses, as you can let an unlimited number of users register (e.g. open a demo account) and only be charged for students that actively use your eLearning service. The 4 Unlimited Learning Management System plans are:

    • Small Unlimited, which offers 25 active users per month for $79/month.
    • Basic Unlimited, which offers 100 active users per month, Single Sign-On support and custom reports, for $179/month.
    • Plus Unlimited, which is the same as Basic Unlimited but ups the active users to 250, for $279/month.
    • Premium Unlimited, which doubles the active users to 500 for $379/month.

Annual Vs Monthly billing

The quoted prices all refer to the annual billing option, which offers a hefty discount compared to month-by-month pricing, but requires you to pay for a whole year ahead.

We believe that annual billing is the best (and more cost-effective) option for all kinds of businesses and organizations that want to run an eLearning service.

That said, if you need the flexibility to run an eLearning portal for just a couple of months or so, our monthly billing might be the better option for you.

Prices for monthly billing vary from $39/month for our Standard Small plan (compared to $29/month with annual billing) up to $459/month for our Standard Premium option (compared to $349/month).


Ready to deploy your own eLearning portal?

Take TalentLMS for a demo ride with our Free LMS plan create or visit our webpage to select the plan that best suits your needs (and wallet).

And if our standard plans are too small for your enterprise or organization, contact our sales department to learn about our custom eLearning plans.

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