How To Use eLearning For Seasonal Staff Training

eLearning For Seasonal Staff Training: How It Can Ease The Pain

It’s no secret that training can be a time-consuming process, so having all of your training programs ready, before you even start the seasonal hiring process, will save a significant amount of time.

Prepare Training Ahead Of Time

eLearning tools allow you to prepare the training that’s essential for your business ahead of time and create a program that will prepare your seasonal staff to the high standard of service you’ve set.

With eLearning, you can keep the big picture in mind and include all training that is essential; even the boring or mundane can be easily included! Compliance training can be automated and tracked with ease, allowing you to ensure that all your seasonal staff is ready and equipped for the busy season ahead.

Access Training Online

Online training is revolutionizing hospitality training, making it more streamlined, cost-effective and easier than ever to get employees up to standard, especially when it comes to seasonal staff. With an eLearning tool, you can schedule all of the necessary training for seasonal staff and even bulk assign and track progress, streamlining a process that usually requires a lot of time and resources.

Save Money On Training

Not only does eLearning make your training more accessible, but it can also dramatically cut your training costs. Finding an eLearning platform with ready-made content, for example, can save you time in building content and the resources needed to get them underway. Pair that with the knowledge of building courses on a budget, and your costs will be a fraction of traditional training.

Making Your Training More Accessible

Make Use Of Employee Devices

Nowadays, everyone has a device with access to the internet—namely mobile devices. This is a prime resource that eLearning utilizes to maximize the training experience. This makes accessing your training content easier than ever, allowing staff to log in from anywhere at any time and learn more about their prospective roles. Not only that, the staff actually prefer this! When using their own devices, staff are more satisfied with the overall learning experience and are therefore more likely to perform better. This coupled with video-based learning, will result in training that's far more effective and accessible.

Rely Less On IT

With an eLearning tool, you’re putting much less stress on your IT department. For smaller businesses in particular, with a small IT department (some with no in-house department), this is all the more important.

Gain Better And Faster Results

Treating Seasonal Staff Like Permanent Employees

Although temporary by nature, seasonal staff should be treated with the same respect and engagement as permanent employees, and this, of course, extends to training. Providing the same essential training that permanent employees go through will not only help your seasonal staff better perform in their roles, but it will also give them the reassurance that they are part of your team. After all, these seasonal staff could come back at later seasonal peaks!

Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

Never underestimate the power of praise. When an employee is reinforced for performing above and beyond what’s expected of them, this boosts their confidence and will ultimately help them perform better in their role. This positive reinforcement should, therefore, be happening in every aspect of their work, including training. With eLearning solutions, this positive reinforcement is part of the overall learning experience.

For example, when completing a quiz and getting a high score the staff member receives a message of congratulations, perhaps even points which count towards a leaderboard, rewarding the employee for their efforts and showcasing how they’re performing overall. These are prime opportunities to encourage your staff, and particularly with seasonal staff, show that you care about their training.

Progression Through Competition

The majority of eLearning tools allow for a friendly competition to take place, in the form of leaderboards, badges and, sometimes, even messaging. These gamified features allow for training to feel like less of a chore and more of a way to learn and engage with colleagues.

For example, a new staff member has just completed his first training course and earned a badge. They can share that badge with the integrated staff social media (yammer for example), and other staff members can then comment and congratulate them. Perhaps, even challenge them to take a quiz and beat their score!

With all of these points in mind, it’s easy to see why eLearning is changing how seasonal staff training takes place. Seasonal staff is crucial for businesses who need to keep up with the high demands that come during this time of year and through other seasonal peaks. Training them effectively and with care will result in your business keeping the same high standard of service and also show your seasonal staff that you care about their development. Plan, prepare and execute your eLearning, and your seasonal staff will be ready in no time!

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