7 Amazing Podcasts For eLearning Professionals

eLearning Podcasts For Professionals
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Summary: Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of distributing content in 2019. Podcasts educate, inform and entertain listeners. In this article, we will look at 7 great podcasts for eLearning professionals.

Why You Should Listen To Podcasts

There are a thousand apps available on the internet that you could use to listen to podcasts. You can find podcasts on any topic ranging from news, health, tech, comedy, politics, sports, music, eLearning, productivity, spirituality, and more.

If you are looking for reasons why podcasts should be worth your time, here are some:

1. They Are Inspiring

Is there a topic or an activity you are passionate about but you don't have the motivation to get started? There is a good chance that you could find a podcast that would motivate you into getting started.

2. They Inform And Educate

You can learn anything within your area of interest by listening to podcasts. The possibilities of what you can learn are endless.

3. They Optimize Your Time

You can listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime. You can listen while driving, working out, or even while eating. All you need are good headphones and your downloaded podcast and you are good to go.

Most eLearning professionals are very busy and do not have a lot of time on their hands to keep up with the changes that occur in the industry. This is the reason why I have searched the internet for the best podcasts on Learning Management Systems for both professionals and beginners alike.

7 Amazing Podcasts For eLearning Professionals

1. The eLearning Coach

The eLearning Coach podcast was created in 2013 by Connie Malamed. This podcast talks about the latest news in eLearning and Instructional Design. She interviews some of the biggest names in the eLearning industry and they discuss the newest trends, such as infographics, Tin Can API and the importance of games in eLearning.

Anyone who is interested in learning the hottest and freshest things in the industry should definitely check out this podcast. She interviews big names such as Brad Hakanson, a lecturer of graphic design at the University of Minnesota and author of the book Developing Creative Thinking Skills.

2. Rod's Pulse Podcasts

This podcast was created in 2016 by Rodney Murray. Rodney is the head of academic technology at the University of Pennsylvania. He covers any topic that is tech-related in the eLearning industry. This podcast show has been running for over a decade. The podcast has over 160 episodes, and it is focused more on the academic side of eLearning rather than on corporate training.

If you are an eLearning professional within the academic field, you should check out this podcast. The advice he dishes out is also very useful to professionals involved with the business side of the eLearning industry.

 3. The GoodPractice Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone that is involved in eLearning, development and human resources. It was created by design expert Ross Garner in 2016 and has over 160 episodes. The show has a weekly guest appearance from experts where they discuss issues that are affecting the L&D and HR communities. In this podcast, you will get critical insights on work, learning, and performance for eLearning professionals.

He also discusses special topics like agile training and gamification, and he gives insights on the latest topics from industry conferences for professionals who cannot attend.

 4. The Online Course Coach

Jeff Long created this podcast in 2003. He teaches companies and eLearning professionals how to create engaging online courses/content, dynamic training videos, and fantastic websites. This podcast is especially useful if you are "solopreneur" who doesn't have as many resources at your disposal as bigger organizations. The podcast has over 80 episodes where he teaches professionals how to create effective and actionable eLearning content.

5. Trends And Issues

The full title of this podcast is Trends & Issues In Instructional Design, Educational Technology, & Learning Sciences. The show was created in 2008 and is hosted by Dr. Michael Molenda and Dr. Barbara Bichelmeyer. They discuss the latest issues regarding educational technology in relation to the educational world, military, higher education, and K12 education. They publish podcasts at least once every 2 weeks, and they have over 140 episodes already online. Some of their most popular content includes eLearning security, augmented reality and technologies that improve student engagement.

One advantage of this podcast is that it is available in both audio and video formats, so you can choose which platform suits you best. They also have a chapter on trends and issues in the eLearning industry along with their perspectives on things from time to time.

 6. DominKnow

This podcast is hosted by Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden who are eLearning professionals with over 25 years of experience between them. This is a live eLearning podcast show where they teach professionals how to create better eLearning content and learning experiences.

7. The eLearning Guys

This podcast is hosted by Necj and David, eLearning professionals, who have over 10 years of experience within the industry of eLearning and with Articulate Storyline. They cover topics ranging from social media learning, multimedia, creativity, and problem-solving to learning objectives and visual objectives.