Online Agile Training Courses

Online Agile Training Courses
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Summary: Understanding the basic concepts of Agile and its array of techniques and processes will surely guide a Project Management professional towards success.

Online Agile Training: What Is It?

Agile is a type of software development which talks about a standardized approach to a software development where requirements and solutions evolve thru out the project duration, unlike the traditional Waterfall approach which does not have much flexibility and cannot facilitate repetitive changes to a software development request. In this article, we will discuss the online Agile training courses and related details.

What Is Agile

Agile is a type of software development methodology. The older type of software development life cycle (SDLC) is the Waterfall approach. The waterfall approach is where a project is conducted phase by phase and a finished phase or activity cannot be reworked but agile has this great quality.

Agile methodology offers flexibility during a project to the business and project team. In this method, the business requirements and solutions can keep changing or evolving throughout the life cycle of project and Agile has the capability to receive and handle all of those requested changes. The systems keep evolving step by step or stage by stage and to this effect, the agile team members work out their daily routines accordingly and arrive at the stage targets. Every sub-product of the project is developed during a sprint. Sprint is nothing but a time-boxed activity, usually, it runs for a period of one month or lesser.

Agile foundation certification introduces the agile methodology to professionals. It teaches the fundamentals concepts and values of Agile for a clear understanding and to apply the learned concepts during project work.

 Best Online Agile Training - What To Expect?

  • Online Agile training courses are predominantly taken up by Project Managers, project support officers, business analysts, program manager, change manager and all sorts of professionals who have a connection with projects for businesses and in managing these activities.
  • The first discussion of the training class was the importance of software development methodologies and its types. A high-level brief comparison between the two types was given in the first session. This initiation set the tone for Agile Concepts to take over for rest of the training time ensuring the audiences are captivated in throwing a successful software development life cycle in the future using Agile techniques.
  • Dissecting the failures of waterfall approach in the past and exposing the critical qualities that were lacking in the failed project, business and technology teams' alignment and strength, vendor involvement, clear cut business case, facilitate change and realistic targets are the major factors of success in an SDLC.
  • The purpose behind the origination of the Agile approach has to be discussed to give an idea of how all of these techniques started and the way they were considered industry proven.
  • The strengths of Agile such as short duration cycles, releases at every stage end, review of every stage in software development, constant iterations are all discussed in detail. These strengths put Agile on top of the Waterfall method.
  • Trainers can put forward some good examples where organizations practicing Agile was able to achieve targeted results.
  • Practicing the tasks listed in the course material and trying to apply the taught concepts of Agile.
  • Running through the available mock examinations and making sure that agile fundamentals are completely understood before taking up the actual examinations.

Jobs Requiring Agile Certification

Majority of projects run today are based on the agile approach. We have already seen the benefits of following an agile methodology. People, business leaders, stakeholders are clearly looking to go with an agile approach and that has led to good importance of agile certifications.

Project failures or projects called off are some indicators where leadership switch gears from an older approach (i.e – Waterfall approach) to Agile. During this type of challenging times at organization candidates with a well-received agile foundation, certification would certainly grow a notch higher and be able to count his expertise on the company’s projects.


The above was the method and brief contents on which online Agile training courses will be conducted and as per my interpretation, these were the best facilities and options one can get to complete the Agile Foundation Certification. Understanding the basic concepts of Agile and its array of techniques and processes will surely guide a Project Management professional towards success.

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