An 8-Step eLearning Recruitment Guide To Sourcing For Hard To Fill Positions

eLearning Recruitment Guide For Sourcing Top eLearning Talent

Recruiting for eLearning positions can be difficult enough, what with all the skill shortages. But then add to this the need for a specialist, and you may as well be hunting for a needle in a haystack. Even the most hard-pressed sourcer may find himself with some unfilled positions that are gathering dust by the day. It’s a frustrating experience at best. Fortunately, there are many ways to get in front of candidates who have what it takes to complete your organization. By using these proven methods, you can effectively source for hard to fill eLearning openings. Here’s a helpful 8-step eLearning recruitment guide for tracking down the elusive eLearning specialist, without losing your mind in the process.

1. Have A Game Plan In Mind

No one gets proficient at anything without a clear set of goals and a plan of action. What’s your system? Do you have a process for building a strong sourcing strategy for every candidate, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? If you want to go after the really great eLearning talent, then you need to put your game face on and take this seriously.

A game plan can include the steps you will take with your client and each candidate. You will need to meet with your client to develop a list of qualities that the job order demands. You will be required to gather information about passive talent, active job seekers, those about to enter the job market, and those considering leaving. You also need a method how you will assess the value of each candidate, and what you will do to negotiate on their behalf if they take the bait.

2. Know Your Target Candidates’ Habits

Recruitment is essentially marketing at its core. This requires a deep understanding of what motivates others to take certain actions. As a recruiter, you are probably a great judge of character. But, it takes more than this to succeed in eLearning recruitment. You must think like your target candidate, breath like your candidates, and hang out in the places they frequent (like eLearning Industry!) Get to know their habits so you can anticipate what they are looking for and where to connect with them.

3. Pursue Referrals Like They Are Gold

Do your best to stay committed to the relentless pursuit of the top eLearning talent out there. Learn what you can about them and stay front and center in their minds. Don’t let more than a few days go by without some kind of friendly contact, even if they are not interested now. Remember that it takes around 13 visits to a website before someone makes a purchase. Think this way and don’t let the weeds grow.

4. Advertise In The Right Places

If you want to be in the right place when a top level eLearning recruit comes along, then it’s time you learned to stay away from general recruitment networks and focus on the niche ones. The best eLearning recruiting happens naturally, when talent checks in to read a few articles or browse job postings with one of their favorite spots. Zero ads in these spaces means no chance of ever being on their radar.

5. Foster Relationships That Matter

In eLearning recruitment, the relationships that you develop and those that you continue to maintain matter. These are pros that are dedicated to the world of teaching others. They also have a hunger for learning that comes natural. Be thinking of ways you can share what you know, give candidates the ‘inside scoop’ on the job market, and make them feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Ask recently placed eLearning talent to refer their colleagues to you for career support.

6. Have A Reliable System For Following Up

You will need a way to connect with eLearning candidates on their level without turning them off from a potential opportunity. This can be as simple as setting up a folder with your checklists, introductory and follow up messages already drafted, your plan to get people on your calendar for interviews, and how you will keep in contact with them. Studies have shown over and over again that the best tool in a recruiters’ toolbox is a consistent follow-up system. No one gets forgotten or neglected.

7. Be The Strongest Voice In The Community

In order to reach the hardest to find eLearning talent, your voice must be one of the strongest in the communities you participate in. How can you accomplish this? Contribute your ideas, your tips, and your expertise every chance you have. Share comments and get the conversation going about things you are passionate about. Write articles and get them published on the websites where your best talent frequents. Post eLearning job openings with niche job portals for eLearning professionals.

8. Get Leadership Buy-In

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles in recruiting hard to find eLearning professionals is convincing leadership to invest in their acquisition. Recruiters need strong buy-in from the executive team so they can provide an outstanding compensation package and career experience to the top candidates in the market. Proving the value of the candidate by sharing his or her past successes, high-level projects, and how this translated to better revenues for previous employers can support this goal. Be sure to get complete buy-in before approaching an eLearning candidate of this level.

There are so many advantages of focusing a large share of one’s efforts on sourcing eLearning talent that has the proven skills and experience needed to move the organization forward. Just be careful in how you manage this process. Be authentic, know your limitations, and have a system for handling each step in the detailed process.