5 eLearning Tools For Corporate Education

5 eLearning Tools For Corporate Education
Summary: Employee training is a must for every successful business, but how can you make sure it is truly effective and at the same time entertaining for your employees? In this article, I' ll explore 5 eLearning tools that can significantly enhance your corporate eLearning course.

eLearning Tools That Enhance Corporate Education

Corporate education is a necessity – organizations these days are changing strategies from day to day, and therefore must be flexible regarding adapting to learning curves. Employee training may happen more frequently, so being prepared for any new information or process is key to a smooth transition and a successful business. Here are 5 eLearning tools to help enhance corporate education to make learning fun, interesting, and more effective.

1. Presentations And Graphics: Canva

Presentations are a part of corporate eLearning. A tool like Canva provides colorful and attractive presentation templates for various topics. Templates range from normal presentation templates to infographics, and each of them are visually appealing and fully customizable. This will help make corporate eLearning more enjoyable and interactive. Graphics can also be created in the tool, which can be added to your presentations to make them more interesting.

2. Video Calls: Skype

Have you ever thought of using Skype as an eLearning tool? Skype can be a great tool for keeping in touch with other remote educators within your company, or even for doing online training sessions. Using Skype, calls can be set up to teach learners new information or partner with other members within the organization in order to ensure messages are being received and understood. Skype is also a great instant communication tool for educators and learners. If an educator needs to communicate something to someone quickly, questions can be asked and answered in a matter of minutes. Longer interactions can be handled via a simple video call.

3. Video Creator: mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow is an Internet-based DIY video creation tool. This a great eLearning tool that enables anyone involved in training and development or with establishing eLearning courses to create their own explainer videos about any topic. Whether a change process or an introduction to new board members need to be communicated, making a video using the provided storyline templates can help explain anything! Use them to create a video library, to enhance a PowerPoint presentation, or to have learners create their own videos to establish their understanding of a subject. All of these materials can then be uploaded onto social learning sites like Wikispaces.

4. Collaboration: Wikispaces

Wikispaces is yet another great eLearning tool. Using Wikispaces, Instructional Designers and learners can collaborate and work together on a living document. It is similar to Wikipedia, but it's more than just Wikipedia: the corporate administrator can create a suitable homepage, add links and easily upload images. Share lessons, media, and other materials online with organizational learners, or let them collaborate to build their own educational wiki. Wikispaces allows the site administrator to show videos from sites like YouTube, to run polls or even embed maps and slideshows. It also shows what is being read by whom, and who has completed a given assignment.

5. Assessment: Quizlet

Assessment tools like Quizlet allow those in charge of corporate eLearning and education to gauge how well learners understand the information given to them. Tools like this are also an excellent way to get a better idea of how well lessons and training projects are received. Quizlet makes it easy for corporate educators to create study tools for learners and trainees, especially flashcards that can make memorizing important information a breeze. With this tool you create a quiz using the content creation page to add terms and definitions. Quizlet will then turn the quiz into flash cards and short games. On the homepage, links to quizzes can be copied, and then pasted onto social learning sites.

All of the above are eLearning tools that everyone involved in corporate eLearning needs to know about. These tools can help you to stay connected, stay organized, and increase the ease of building multimedia lessons with eLearning tools that will optimize continuous organizational learning.