Introducing Elucidat's 5C Framework: A Smarter Way To Design eLearning

Summary: Elucidat 's 5C Framework combines our experience in supporting over 2 million learners with the expertise of our professional services team to provide you with a failsafe design framework. This framework will help you create and deliver digital learning that works.

Elucidat's 5C Framework Is A Modern Alternative To ADDIE

Elucidat's support for approximately 2,000 content creators has afforded the opportunity to observe how these content creators produce digital learning projects over the past few years. Elucidat content creators have designed a variety of digital learning projects, including sports coaching, compliance and product knowledge, charity campaigns, in-house onboarding, and several commercial products.

Thanks to these observations, the Elucidat team of learning consultants has been able to gain insight about the types of digital learning content and techniques that work and differentiate them from the ones that don't work. And of course, we’ve provided coaching, training and prototype design services to help many customers in the areas where they have gaps or need a boost.

Great digital learning needs more than a great tool.

We’re proud to provide a modern, collaborative authoring tool. But we know that great digital learning design needs more than this. Great digital learning requires thinking, planning and cultivation around the edges. That’s why we’ve developed our 5C framework, as a handy blueprint to successful design and a modern alternative to the ADDIE framework.

Capturing A Little Design Thinking

Elucidat authors who start with an idea often are more successful at creating great content than those without one. Moreover, if you prototype, test it and develop your designs, you'll tend to achieve better results. This also frequently occurs faster in the end than the content cul-de-sac option.

To get an idea, find the right issue to fix. Find the right problem to correct by looking at how your end users show the success or even deficiency of your digital learning product. Then, take a step back and assess the situation by asking questions.

Design thinking is all about capturing needs, views and context of your audience [1]. This mantra also forms the initial step in the 5C Framework and what Elucidat's professional services team and customers discuss during coaching sessions.

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The 5C Framework Is A Smarter, More Agile Way To Design

The 5C Framework is conceived to help customers obtain the right quality quickly. Instead of spending ample time or over-analyzing each stage of this framework, find an hour to think through the issue at hand. This helps you save time and avoid potential problems that may surface later on during the development process. Seize an opportunity when you're ready to begin building your learning content by taking a few minutes to write down some concepts or organize a sequence of pages. Once your content goes live, remember to also take a moment to review your data analytics. This will offer you the chance to gain knowledge on what does and doesn't work. Moreover, you can proceed with any modifications that need to be made.

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Final Thoughts

While eLearning authoring tools, like Elucidat, can help you create great digital content, it's also important to have a master plan. This has to be a plan that offers support for driving the development of your learning content through the development process to achieve success.

The 5C Framework works to achieve this with agility.

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