Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In Employee-Generated Content

Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In Employee-Generated Content
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Summary: User-generated content (UGC) has been a commonly used term for quite a few years now. The new variation of that term is EGC, which stands for employee-generated content. Right from the name, you can tell what it means, i.e., this is the content that employees create.

5 Main Reasons Why You Should Invest In Employee-Generated Content

The important thing to note here is that employees don’t necessarily generate this content for it to serve some thought-out purpose. They create some of it willingly to help other employees, and some of it comes naturally in the form of discussions and comments on the content, e.g., it could be a discussion among employees about a new company logo.

But does this type of content serve any purpose and should companies invest in EGC? Let’s take a look at a few benefits for a better understanding.

1. Communication Without Bottlenecks

Effective communication is important for any organization to give rise to a healthy internal culture. Some tasks require employees from various departments to get in touch with each other. Skip one vital person from the communication chain, and it might affect the progress of a project.

What if all the employees had a centralized platform where they could share their thoughts with every other employee to see? Such a solution removes the bottlenecks that prevent effective communication. A PMI survey proved that the lack of communication, or poor communication, is one of the major reasons behind project failures.

2. A Voice For Everyone

An issue with most workplaces is that the employees don’t feel that they have a voice. Whether the company is making new policies or laying the foundation for a new project, the employees can often be missing from the picture. With employee-generated content, everyone has a sense of being a part of the workplace—a part that matters.

3. Improved Learning For Newcomers

Employee-generated learning is the easiest form of learning for newcomers at an organization. While an organization’s training department tries its best to explain the processes to the trainees, they can never get into the details as much as employees who have already assumed those roles. Their instructions can help newcomers understand the challenges of their role in the organization and ways to overcome those challenges.

4. Innovative Recruitment Marketing

An organization always hunts for new talent. The most effective way for them to conduct recruitment marketing is through the internet—social networks to be more precise. Businesses can use social networking platforms to highlight the strengths of their internal cultures to attract new talent. However, there is always that bias factor that can make the organization’s content a little less effective. On the other hand, thoughts and experiences that employees share are free from any biases, or you can say that the public treats it as unbiased content.

5. Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is a major benefit of using employee-generated content to the advantage of your business. If your employees have to go through layers and layers of documents to find a specific piece of information, they will end up spending time here rather than doing what you have hired them to do.

Sometimes, you can lose a customer only because you take too much time to answer a question that’s important to the customer. With informative employee-generated content on hand, your workforce can find answers to their questions more quickly.

There are some knowledge sharing platforms available that provide the most robust solution to creating EGC through a content organization with a variety of features that encourage employees to share their knowledge in a variety of formats.

They can create documents or give their opinions in the form of comments. In fact, their discussions on various topics can help newcomers with quick training. The best part of those platforms is that they do allow users to share text-only, image, video, and GIF content.

In simple words, they turn the workplace into a community where anyone can talk to anyone, and not just talk but also help with any issues. While they also allow live discussions and comments, they store the information in the cloud, so it is instantly available to anyone connected to the organization's network at any given moment. Here is what makes such platforms the best knowledge sharing platforms for employee-generated content.

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