Employee Upskilling And Reskilling: The Top In-Demand Skills [eBook Launch]

Employee Upskilling And Reskilling The Top In-Demand Skills [eBook Launch]
Summary: Which in-demand skills do employees need today? This eBook covers the top people and tech skills every organization should consider.

Which In-Demand Skills Should You Prioritize In Your L&D Strategy?

What skills gaps do you need to bridge to help your team achieve their full potential? Which challenges can you expect when implementing an employee upskilling and reskilling program? This eBook covers all the essentials you need to identify the in-demand skills you should focus on and tips to create a winning strategy that gets results.

eBook Release: Employee Upskilling And Reskilling: The Top In-Demand Skills
eBook Release
Employee Upskilling And Reskilling: The Top In-Demand Skills
Discover the top in-demand skills for upskilling and reskilling and why they matter in the modern workplace.

Why Employee Upskilling And Reskilling Programs Are Always Worth The Investment

Upskilling and reskilling are crucial as employees return to the workplace and adapt to new roles. However, even if they're in the same position as they were before the pandemic, skill-building programs give them the opportunity to identify areas for improvement and take on new challenges. Another perk is retaining top talent and reducing on-the-job mistakes, as they're equipped with the core competencies and real-world experience they need.

About This eBook

What are the core competencies and skills you should cultivate within your teams? How do you handle the most common skill-building obstacles? Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find in this guide:

  • The "What" And The "Why" Of Upskilling And Reskilling: What are the differences between the two L&D approaches?
  • The Top In-Demand Technical Skills For Upskilling And Reskilling: Which new skills do employees need to thrive at work?
  • The Top In-Demand Soft Skills For Upskilling And Reskilling: Tech skills alone don't guarantee success. Explore people skills that matter in the workplace.
  • Employee Upskilling And Reskilling Guide: A step-by-step walkthrough for building and delivering L&D programs that make an impact.
  • 10 Challenges And 10 Solutions For Employee Upskilling And Reskilling: Dive deep into challenges around upskilling and reskilling—and their solutions.
  • Leveraging Technology For Upskilling And Reskilling: How can tech (and what kind of tech) can be your companion as you roll out upskilling and reskilling programs?

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