Entrepreneurship And eLearning: Top 5 eLearning Options For Newbie Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship And eLearning: Top 5 eLearning Options For Newbie Entrepreneurs
Summary: Following are the most useful online programs for newbie entrepreneurs which help them understand their current position and how to increase it successfully. Let us take a look at the top 5 options for entrepreneurship and eLearning.

Top 5 Options For Entrepreneurship And eLearning 

Entrepreneurship is experiencing constant evolution, which is making it tougher; however, on the other hand, it is also making it quite an exciting career path. Impressive job description, limitless boundaries, and improving innovations in technology have made all types of businesses fast growing. Though unpredictable circumstances in professions might seem to be unfavorable, they can get you unexpected rewards as well. This is the most important reason why we encourage entrepreneurs to keep themselves fully up to date with all types of changes taking in their industry.

Similar to every important element of entrepreneurship, education should also be taken as an effective tool that leads you towards success. Most of the newbies don’t have time to get further education and even if they do, they don’t have extra money to spend on it. However, they can go for eLearning options which should be less time consuming and cost effective as well. The good news is that there is a good number of eLearning programs available on which you can invest your money as a young entrepreneur; but you should always choose the best possible option as per the advice of experts. Here are the 5 top options for entrepreneurship and eLearning:

  1. Building Startups Easily And Quickly.
    Many experts suggest that the young people should go for the How to Build a Startup online course which is available on Udacity. Through this program you can learn how you can effectively learn the basic principles of startup building and customer discovery process. There are lots of important aspects of this program and you should try to finish it to the end. Some of the lessons that you will be learning in this course are:

    • Corporation history.
    • Product development.
    • Customer development.
    • Business models.
    • Revenue streams.
    • Major resources.
    • Common mistakes.
    • Market types.
    • Market prices.
    • Web and physical distribution.
    • Human Resources.
    • Others.
  2. Online Sales Courses For Entrepreneurs.
    You might want to work with sponsorships, raise VC, advertise, or direct sales, but you must keep in mind that if you don’t have the ability to read your potential customers’ mindset and don’t understand how to take the advantage of different situations, you may not be able to turn your leads into actual sales. You can easily find hundreds of courses explaining the entire sales process, but you must choose the one that encourages you to take practical steps; most of such programs will be limited to the theory of persuasion and sales. One of the most popular programs is called Entrepreneurial Sales. It is an especially designed course which outlines tactical and practical factors of selling of technical products to a huge number of potential customers. In this course, you can learn how to:

    • Organize a sales force.
    • Create a compensation system.
    • Assign specific territories.
    • Dealing with disputes and conflicts.
    • Dealing with customers.
    • Building good relationships.
    • Others.
  3. Online Statistics Classes At Stanford.
    If you have taken statistics classes in college, you might have had just the introduction of the actual topic that does not give you clear things about it. Remember, if you feel comfortable with the numbers and get clear directions from them, it becomes much easier for you to take effective decisions to benefit your business. Having online classes covering detailed statistics is always a perfect choice for entrepreneurs. Stanford University offers statistics courses, certificates and degrees. Some of the popular statistic courses are:

    • Introduction to statistical learning.
    • Algorithmic trading and quantitative strategies.
    • Data-driven financial and risk econometrics.
    • Data mining and analysis.
    • Financial models and statistical methods in risk management.
    • Theory of investment portfolios and derivative securities.
    • Modern applied statistics: Data mining.
    • Others.
  4. General Assembly – Master New Skills.
    If you have started an office, you can encourage your entire team to take General Assembly eLearning classes. Everyone in your team, from designers to the developers and strategists to the writers and even accountants, can also take the advantage of these classes which can provide you enough learning material about public speaking, content creation, digital marketing, startups, web designs, data analysis, etc. Some of the upcoming classes and events are:

    • Intro to UX design.
    • Data analysis circuit.
    • Programming for non programmers.
    • Intro to product management.
    • HTML, CSS, and web design circuit.
    • HTML and CSS crash course.
    • From dotcom to dotgov: The Lisa Gelobter story.
  5. Free Conference Videos And Courses.
    If you have just entered into the field of entrepreneurship, you might love to take conferences that often charge hundreds of dollars, but if you have started with a limited budget, this will definitely put an extra burden over your expenses. However, if you want to save some dollars, there is a way to do so. Most of the conference organizers regularly post informative videos on their websites after conferences and if you can’t afford to attend, you can still watch those videos. Check Udemy and Skillshare which are considered to be two brilliant eLearning options for entrepreneurs.

You should also know that there are many other free programs available for newbie entrepreneurs who are interested in entrepreneurship and eLearning. You just need to look for them on different platforms; this requires some research, but eventually you will be able to find some great free online resources to help you keep yourself up to date with the latest entrepreneurship trends.