List Of Free Entrepreneurship Online Courses From Stanford University

List Of Free Entrepreneurship Online Courses From Stanford University
Summary: Would you be interested for a list of 68 Free Entrepreneurship Online Courses from Stanford University?

68 Free Entrepreneurship Online Courses From Stanford University

Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, venture capital, angel investment, start-ups these words for some of us sound like science fiction. For some others not. It doesn't matter if you belong at the 1st or 2nd category. Stanford University offers several free entrepeneurship online courses for people interested in expanding their business.

  1. Accretive Technology Partners: Raising Venture Capital
  2. Adding Value to Companies
  3. Angel Investment
  4. AuctionDrop: Taking Risks in a New Venture
  5. Autodesk: The Personal Side of Management
  6. Burrill & Co: Building a Successful Biotech Company   
  7. Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
  8. Danger: Designing Products With Your Customers
  9. Dell: Early Growth and On-Going Innovation
  10. Development and Entrepreneurship in China and India
  11. Digital Chocolate: Persistence and Learning from Mistakes
  12. Draper Fisher Jurvetson: Entrepreneurs as Heroes
  13. Effective Entrepreneurship: Following Your Goal, Planning, Going Slow
  14. Endeavor: Advancing Sustainable Economic Development
  15. Facebook: Hiring the Right People and Promoting Free Thinking
  16. Fox Interactive Media: A Startup and its Phases
  17. From eBay to Wikia: Big Company and Start-up Experiences
  18. Garage Technology Ventures: Passion vs. Money in Entrepreneurship
  19. Global Fund for Women: Challenging the Traditional Model of Philanthropy
  20. Go Big or Don't Go
  21. Google: Ideas Come From Everywhere
  22. Strategic Philanthropy
  23. Great Products Are Not Enough
  24. How to Find the Right Venture Capitalist
  25. HP: Management and Leadership
  26. IDEO: Principles of Product Design
  27. Innovation and Inertia
  28. Innovative Solutions for Dealing with Security Iss
  29. JetBlue: Organizational Culture and Values
  30. Juniper: Selecting the Right Market and Attracting
  31. Kleiner Perkins: Advice for Entrepreneurs
  32. Kleiner Perkins: Bit by the Entrepreneurship Bug
  33. Kleiner Perkins: Venture Financing and Team Building
  34. LinkedIn: Risk and Entrepreneurship
  35. LRK Architects: Building Multidisciplinary Team and Attracting Clients Early On
  36. Maintaining Focus as an Entrepreneur
  37. Make Meaning in Your Company
  38. Mayfield Fund: Current Trends and Investment Strategy
  39. Mobius Venture Capital: Advice for Entrepreneurs Working with VC's
  40. Monitor Venture Partners: Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  41. New Schools Venture Fund: Investing in Entrepreneurship in Education
  42. Ooma: Building a Team, Seeking Mentors
  43. PayPal vs. SpaceX: Different Entrepreneurial Challenges
  44. Persevering and Learning from both Success and Failure
  45. Building a Business in a Regulated Industry
  46. Recognizing a Jerk
  47. Responsys: Raising Venture Money and Managing Human Capital
  48. Sales Model for
  49. SAP: Three Circles of Happiness
  50. Savi Technology: Know Your Customer
  51. Searching for an AIDS Vaccine
  52. SpikeSource: Software Strategy and Open Source
  53. Stanford University: Licensing New Technology
  54. Strategy for Solar Energy Start-ups
  55. Successful Business Models in Information Technology
  56. Surfer Model of Venture Growth
  57. Symantec: Achieving Growth in Enterprise Software
  58. Tailoring Products to Customer Needs at Autodesk;
  59. The Art of Negotiation
  60. The Creative Organization
  61. The Entrepreneurial Career: Taking Risks and Putting Your Plan into Action
  62. The Experience Project: Hiring and Marketing Strat
  63. The Rise of the Superclass
  64. The Thriving Green Economy
  65. Top 10 Things You Must Have to Start a Business
  66. Trilogy: Sticking to your Beliefs
  67. Wilson Sonsini: Three Circle Strategy, Strengths of Silicon Valley
  68. Zazzle: Passion and Vision