5 Factors Responsible For The Success Of A Leadership Program

5 Factors Responsible For The Success Of A Leadership Program
Summary: The success of a leadership development program is greatly dependent on identifying the most accurate objectives because of which it is being carried out.

What Makes A Leadership Development Program Successful?

Determination of a successful leadership program can be measured in terms of the Returns On Investment that has been made. Various objectives like identifying talent pockets, increase self-awareness, create mentors and performance management could be reasons to run a leadership program. Depending on what the organization is focused upon for the future roadmap, a coaching program can be sketched around the participants.

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Upon its successful delivery, it becomes important for organizations to identify the positive outcomes for business implementation. There are several factors that define the success of a leadership development program. Listed below are the 5 major ones.

1. Involving The Management

The management team of an organization creates a direct impact in setting the exact expectations for such programs through the right messaging. Leaders plant the project context, inspire participants and motivate them to engage by taking intelligent risks throughout the process. Other senior management team leaders serve to provide project feedback, teach leadership principles and help participants to network within the organization.

2. Engagement Of Leadership Development Provider

Selecting the right leadership development program provider is a very crucial step in the entire process. It is important that your engagement partner is equally interested in understanding your organization’s culture, strategy, environment, and vision while creating the outline of the program. This is helpful in creating a lasting impact in the classroom during the sessions. Identify the experts before initiating the partnership so that they are able to grasp the right information and tailor the program exactly how your business needs it to be.

3. Determine The Purpose Of The Program

A purpose-driven leadership development program has varied results on the business, compared to one that is not aligned to the vision. In such programs, participants are focused upon fulfilling business expectations and the overall outcome. Not only this helps in coaching high potentials in the right direction, but they eventually support their direct managers equally by going beyond task completion and achieve organizational goals.

4. Practice Project Management

High-potential talents do not need training, they require mentoring so that their skills can groom for better business practices. Theoretical classes are of no use for high potentials. While being hands-on with the project, they can be taught about the skills that are needed to be developed in order to create a high-performing team. Participants enjoy the opportunity to apply and practice leadership styles and are keen to receive feedback to improve. After hours of personal investment in a project, they prefer to go beyond work responsibilities regularly.

5. Implement Personalized Coaching

One-on-one coaching helps the participants to develop in a very personalized way and adapt to their shift from a manager to a leader. Relationship challenges, learning retention, enhanced productivity, and strategy development are some of the major benefits of the mentor-mentee relationship. Regardless, since it is a very individualized coaching style, confidential information remains intact during the entire process.

In the world of leadership development, if you can exhibit the impact of a leadership style, it can greatly regulate the ways in which an organization strive towards goals. To better understand the impact of leadership programs on high potentials, read the eBook Life Cycle of High-potential Employees that demonstrates how leadership development programs can drive a culture of continuous learning towards the business vision.

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