Features Of An Effective Classroom Management Software

Features Of An Effective Classroom Management Software
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Summary: Finding the right classroom management software is very important. The right software can help you run your day-to-day business without interrupting your work. Before you can consider your options effectively, you need to decide what your ideal solution would be.

Features You Need In Your Class Management Software

Class management software is a software application that manages the documentation, administration, reporting, and tracking of classrooms, training programs, online events, and lectures. It is also used to automate registration and record-keeping. When it comes to effective classroom management, having the right software can make a huge difference. With the right tools in your arsenal, teachers can keep track of assignments, grades, and student activity more easily than ever. Here are some of the features you should look for in an effective classroom management software.

1. Performance Tracking Feature

Performance tracking functionality provides the ability to track the performance of students, and hence monitor the learning path in perspective. This brings transparency to the learning environment and those involved can be aware of their progress. Transparent performance tracking can be ensured through:

  • Setting a predetermined, suitable date for completion of the course
  • Regular updates on course progress
  • Monitoring course completion status
  • Generating online results

2. Interactive Whiteboards

The interactive whiteboard is the next generation of the original whiteboard. The use of interactive whiteboards allows for a greater amount of student concentration, as well as information retention. From the teacher’s perspective, all information transmitted, discussed, and covered in the daily course of classroom instruction can be easily stored on a computer hard drive. There is software that can easily print out informative data sheets, as well as simultaneously transmit this information to broadcast email software for sending to participating students. The handouts can, in effect, exactly mirror what the students do on the interactive whiteboard. Many whiteboards are accompanied by their own special printers. This proves to be an effective and handy setup, where pages can be printed automatically when the teacher goes from one image to another while placing it on the whiteboard.

The interactive whiteboard used in classrooms continues to be a high-tech substitute for many different teaching and learning aids that were popular in the past, including flip charts, projectors, televisions, and DVD players. Unlike traditional teaching aids, the technology now exists to project high-quality images on a very large viewing surface, where both text and photos can be clearly seen by a large number of students. In fact, the technology exists for each student to hook up to an interactive whiteboard with their personal computers and thus communicate easily with the entire class.

3. Vast Coverage Of Subjects

Other advantages derived from the use of classroom management software include the ability to employ many different programs covering a wide range of subjects. This is especially helpful for school teachers who can acquire programs designed to teach everything, from music to reading and mathematics. Advancements in the use of software may also make it possible for people to successfully present lessons in subject areas where they have had little training if any.

4. Screen Recording Feature

Through screen recording programs, any lecture can be saved in all the major video formats, such as QuickTime, Windows Media, and Flash. It then becomes easy to add sound, image, text, and zoom as well as pan effects. Multi-track video and audio can be edited too. Hence, this becomes a very important feature associated with a Learning Management System. To provide the best online class experience, class management software should have an integration with a video conferencing provider.

5. Complete Control And Management Of The Class

Who will better appreciate the significance of classroom management software than a teacher who spends a large part of their teaching time managing kids and their distractions? Every teacher has a common motive in their class and that is to maintain the focus of the students in the direction of learning. Since children are getting smarter daily, the task of managing the class is also getting more complicated daily. Now the solution to this problem lies in classroom management software that will earn teachers some relief. Firstly, the attention required by the computer console will keep the students occupied. Secondly, this method helps professors to convey the content of their courses more accurately to pupils, in comparison to the older methods.

It is important to comprehend here the basic difference between a usual computer-equipped classroom and classroom management software. In a regular computer-equipped classroom, the professor has no control over the mouse and the keyboard on the teens’ consoles. Thus, when the professor is explaining any concept to the students, they can remain distracted by their own activities on their own consoles. When a teacher has classroom management software at their disposal, they can lock out the mouse and keyboards of the students’ units and have their concentration oriented toward what they are being taught. Students’ computers can be maneuvered by the teacher as many times as required using the classroom management software resulting in more efficient comprehension by the pupils. This system of class administration has proven to be a beautiful teaching aid for teens at the middle school level. This program help teens comprehend math, science, or other computer or numerical-based lessons more easily. Pupils are able to comprehend all the complex problems easily, as all the computer-aided instructions are shown to them on their consoles as they progress, step by step.


Classroom management software has been created with the goal of aiding and instructing teachers and professors in managing their courses and their teen pupils efficiently. Using this method, many purposes are executed simultaneously. This unique system has enabled students to be more involved in the learning process, to stay concentrated and focused on the material, and to keep track of their progress. This kind of schooling is ideal, considering that the information is given to students in a step-by-step method, without the need to overburden them needlessly with knowledge.