Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning

Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning
Summary: As eLearning professionals, we are always looking for tools that help save time when it comes to the organization and maintenance of our online courses. We want to offer our audience the best possible experience, but keeping everything streamlined can be quite a challenge. The good news is that Google Classroom may be just the free learning management system that you’ve been looking for!

What Can Google Classroom Offer To The World Of eLearning?

Google is already a powerful design and development tool in eLearning thanks to Google Applications for Education. Now there is one more application to add to the line-up of invaluable productivity tools: Google Classroom. In this article, I’ll discuss what Google Classroom can bring to the world of eLearning and highlight some of the benefits that eLearning professional can expect to receive by using Google Classroom as a free LMS.

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Google Classroom can be utilized by any eLearning professionals and online educators who have already created a Google Apps for Education account for free. In essence, Google Classroom is designed to give online facilitators, content creators and educators the ability to go paperless and centralize their eLearning materials in one cloud-based location.

Online facilitators and other eLearning professionals can create assignments within the application and distribute them to their learners online within a matter of seconds. The learners can then complete the assignments via Google Docs and submit them to their instructors with just the click of a mouse button. Online facilitators and learners can also save copies of documents that they create, then organize them in personalized Google Drive folders.

Google Classroom even features an assignments page, where students can view upcoming deadlines in order to stay on track. Likewise, online facilitators have the power to quickly and conveniently view who has completed each assignment and offer constructive feedback immediately. This allows students to get the support they need right away, so that they can modify learning behaviors and receive the correct information they need to successfully move forward with the eLearning course.

Here are just a few of the ways that Google Classroom can be used as a free learning management system:

  1. eLearning professionals can deliver documents to their students directly, as well as distribute files to other online collaborators, such as eLearning content creators.
  2. Online facilitators can share links to online resources, such as videos, articles and sites, which can serve as supplementary eLearning tools.
  3. Data can be collected from online learners, making it easy to receive learner feedback and personal information that can be used to improve the overall eLearning experience.
  4. Learners can provide feedback to their peers by commenting on assignments and working collaboratively on assignments. They can also work together or research tasks through the Google Classroom app.

Benefits of the Google Classroom as a Free LMS for eLearning

  1. Quick and convenient set up.
    Rather than having to install an LMS locally or signing up for a Learning Management System (LMS) provider, online facilitators can simply access the Google Classroom app and begin sharing assignments and eLearning materials. They can do this by adding students or sharing a unique code that allows access to the class. Google Classroom is simple and straightforward to use, making it ideal for eLearning professionals of all experience levels.
  2. Time saving.
    Virtual learners no longer have to download assignments and online facilitators can simply create and distribute documents to their learners online. They can also grade and provide feedback for all assignments and assessments using the Google Classroom app. As such, it has the potential to save a significant amount of time for both students and eLearning professionals. Everything is paperless, so there isn’t any time wasted on physically distributing the documents and learners can complete them right online, making it more convenient to meet deadlines and fit eLearning into their daily schedules.
  3. Boosts collaboration and communication.
    One of the most notable benefits of using Google Classroom as a free eLearning management system is that it allows for streamlined online collaboration. Online facilitators can send notifications to their learners to start up an online discussion or notify them of important eLearning events. On the other hand, learners have the opportunity to provide feedback to their peers by posting directly to the Google Classroom discussion stream. Thus, if they need help with an assignment or want to learn more about a particular subject, they can get immediate support from their virtual classmates. Essentially, Google Classroom boosts the social learning aspect of online education, enabling learners to benefit from the experience and skills of their peers.
  4. Centralized data storage.
    With Google Classroom, everything is in one centralized location. Learners can view all of their assignments in a specific folder, instructors can store their eLearning materials and activities for the school year on the cloud and all grades can be viewed within the app. There’s no need to worry about lost documents or missing assessments, because it’s all in this free LMS.
  5. Rapid resource sharing.
    Online facilitators and trainers have the power to share information and online resources with their learners instantly. Rather than having to update an eLearning course or sending individual emails to every student, they can simply access the Google Classroom app and distribute links to online resources and supplementary eLearning materials that can benefit their learners. This offers students the chance to get timely updates that pertain to the current lesson, so that they can better comprehend the subject matter and access multimedia tools that enhance their eLearning experience.

Now that you know how Google Classroom can be used as a free learning management system,  you may decide to give it a try when creating your next eLearning course to reap the many rewards that this Google Apps for Education tool can offer.

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