eBook Release: eLearning 101 - A Practical Guide

Free eBook: eLearning 101 - A Practical Guide
Summary: If you’re getting started with eLearning or want to learn more about Instructional Design, this eBook by Trivantis is a great resource. eLearning 101: A Practical Guide, provides an overview of many topics, including the history of eLearning, Instructional Design strategies, how to choose an authoring tool and LMS, and the life cycle of a training course.

Your Introduction To eLearning: How To Get Started Creating Training

Are you looking for instructional design information? Do you need a guide to help you along with the process of creating a training course with your team? In eLearning 101: A Practical Guide, you’ll learn these, along with valuable information that you need to get started on your eLearning journey—or to help your content development reach even greater heights.

This eLearning 101: A Practical Guide eBook is the answer to your questions about the world of eLearning. Discover how eLearning first began many years ago and where we are today using technology and tools to help training departments succeed. With this eBook, you will know about accessibility, eLearning standards such as xAPI and SCORM, and creating responsive courses for mobile learning.


In the eLearning 101: A Practical Guide eBook, Jennifer Valley, Trivantis Community Manager and instructional designer shares her knowledge of the eLearning industry and development tips based on real-life experience. Explaining the life cycle of a course, Jennifer breaks down the development process in an approachable way, providing great advice to help eLearning developers succeed.

The eBook explains need-to-know concepts for e-Learning professionals, with information provided by Trivantis Chief Technology Officer John Blackmon. These topics include the history and importance of eLearning standards (AICC, SCORM, xAPI, and HTML), along with why xAPI’s tracking capabilities are so valuable. A future-proof approach to responsive design for mobile courses is also shared in the eBook—an industry-leading way to create mLearning quickly and efficiently.

Stay tuned for more eBooks to come from Trivantis on the latest eLearning topics, technology, and learning strategies.

About the eLearning 101: A Practical Guide eBook

The eLearning 101: A Practical Guide eBook will walk you though important concepts, such as the history of eLearning and an overview of common Instructional Design methods. You’ll get the opportunity to go behind the scenes of eLearning development, from phase 1 to completion, learning graphic design tips and more.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is eLearning and what should you look for?
  2. What is Instructional Design?
  3. What is an authoring tool and how can you create inspiring eLearning?
  4. What is a Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Record Store (LRS), and xAPI?
  5. What does the life cycle of a course look like (following ADDIE)?

Take a look at the course development process, beginning with the essential roles for team members and how they fit into the life cycle of a course:

  • Instructional designer
  • eLearning developer
  • Graphic or multimedia developer
  • Subject matter expert (SME)
  • Stakeholder
  • Pilot participant

Find out everything you need to know in the eLearning development phase, such as:

  • The four interactivity levels for game and multimedia design
  • Scenarios that provide realistic training examples
  • Tried and true tips for adding quality, engaging audio and video
  • Accessibility guidelines like section 508 and WCAG
  • Responsive design for building mobile courses efficiently
  • Proven translation tips
  • Formative and summative assessments

The eBook is packed with valuable knowledge for eLearning professionals. For example, interesting facts and "Did You Know?" eLearning bonus tips and quotes are scattered throughout the eBook. Get The eBook Today!