Free eBook – Simulation Training For Corporate Training: The Practical And Profit Benefits

Simulation Training: Solving Real-World Training Issues

Do you find your learners struggle to apply skills and knowledge delivered in training to practical, real-world situations? Are your employees making common errors again and again? With over 15 years’ experience in the global learning market, PulseLearning have seen these issues reported by clients too many times; in response, they added simulation training to their suite of professional services. Simulation training provides learners with a safe practice ground to try out skills, techniques, processes, software or technical tasks, without consequences. If you are seeking training that solves the application issue, increases engagement and improves productivity and performance, simulation training could be a viable option.

Who Is This eBook For?

PulseLearning created this eBook to help organizations explore the benefits of simulation training to determine if this approach is a suitable way forward. You’ll gain understanding of its key advantages and why it is becoming one of the most requested delivery methods for effective online learning.

The Simulation Training For Corporate Training: The Practical And Profit Benefits eBook will benefit these people:

  • Corporate training decision makers.
  • Learning and Development professionals.
  • Online training providers.

What Is Covered In The eBook?

You’ll explore simulation training through these topics:

  • What is simulation training?
  • Common types of simulation training.
  • How simulation training can reduce learner seat time.
  • Increasing engagement through incorporating video.
  • Practical benefits for corporate training.
  • Profit benefits for corporate training.

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eBook Release: VIVAHR
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