10 Steps To Developing Goals And Metrics For Your Employee Training Program

by BizLibrary

Goals and metrics are the wheels of any training program. Learn how to create goals for training and how to effectively measure progress!

Key Chapters

  1. Intro

    Learn the importance of setting goals and metrics for training and how to get started.

  2. SMART Goals

    Learn how to set goals that are clearly aligned with business objectives.

  3. Milestones and Measurement

    Set milestones for each goal and measure progress of your training program.

  4. Agility and Visibility

    Learn how to be accountable for the goals you set.

  5. Conclusion

    Learn how to positively reinforce your team’s work toward the same goals.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. The plan you create for a training program must start with the end in mind – what are the goals? What are the expected results?


Creating a training program can be a lot of work. Having clear goals and metrics will not only help you identify what success looks like, but ensure the right program is in place!

Shannon Kluczny

Shannon Kluczny
Chief Revenue Officer, BizLibrary

Many organizations fail to set proper goals and metrics for training. What they don’t realize is that this makes it very hard to prove training ROI later. Setting goals is a must!

Erin Boettge

Erin Boettge
Content Marketing Manager, BizLibrary