Social Is Super: How Online Learning Can Embrace The 70:20:10 Model

by Growth Engineering Ltd.

There’s a hidden well of knowledge in your organization. Find out how to tap into it and get a real return on your training investment…

Key Chapters

  1. Social Is Sexy: 11 Reasons Why You Need an Informal Learning Strategy

    Why informal learning is essential in today’s knowledge economy.

  2. Six Sure-fire Signs You’ve Created an Informal Learning Strategy

    How to tell if your informal learning strategy is working.

  3. 23 Ways to Map an Informal Learning Strategy to Your Online Learning Solution:

    Expert tips and advice for implementing informal learning in your training.

  4. 7 Essential Social Learning Features You Need on Your Learning Management System:

    The latest learning technology for boosting peer-to-peer learning.

  5. The Neuroscience of Social Learning

    Find out how social learning experiences affect the brain.

  6. A 5 Step Guide to Help You Spread Social Learning Throughout Your Organization:

    Simple milestones to improve social learning.

  7. 7 Ways to Save Your Learning Program Using Social Media:

    Everybody uses social media to a degree. Find out how to use it in your training campaigns.

  8. 5 Ways to Maximize ROI With Social Learning

    By creating a learning community, your training can go a lot further.

  9. What’s the Future of Social Learning?

    Training initiatives will look very different in the years to come. Find out how social functionality is transforming L&D.

While formal training experiences are easy to understand and embrace from an organizational perspective, they also only account for 10% of your workforce’s overall knowledge intake. Informal learning experiences make up the remaining 90%, but they’re often untamable beasts that organizations struggle to capture and control.

Social learning is a really big deal for today’s learners and it’s great to see such a concise and informative guide. Growth Engineering’s eBook takes everything you should know about informal learning and condenses it into a single tidy package. Don’t miss it!

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