Competency Based Learning In Healthcare Organizations

by Lambda Solutions

Competency based training (or learning from the perspective of the clinician) helps to prove that the training provided to healthcare clinicians is actually improving patient outcomes.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Healthcare Training Evolves: The Case for Just-in-time Competency Training

  2. Competency Based Learning in Healthcare Defined

    We have all spent time in a classroom staring at a professor writing on a board and wondering how, by any stretch of the imagination, the concept we are busily cramming into our brains will ever be of use to us. It can be a frustrating experience. Who then, will actually take the time to step away and engage in traditional learning when they are on the job? Not many.

  3. The New Competency Based Learning in Healthcare

    The idea of measuring learning by evidence based criteria is very attractive. In healthcare, this popularity is partly
    fueled by the natural alignment between systems that measure the effective outcomes of a learning exercise as proof
    that it is part of the process to get paid for providing patient care.

  4. The Evolution of Andragogy CBT

    The tenants of Andragogy are simple. Adults are motivated to learn when they are facing a problem. They go looking for learning moments in the context of need and want only the information necessary to solve that problem at hand.

  5. Realizing the Benefits of CBT

    - Paying for Performance
    - A Relevant Learning Cycle That Never Stops
    - Cost Savings
    - CBT Targets Learning where it is Needed Most
    - CBT is Flexible and can take place Online
    - Successful CBT Programs will be supported by LMSs

Competency Based Training is an evolution of the original thinking around vocational training which incorporates higher level thinking and creativity.

In this delicate field that Healthcare eLearning is, you have to broaden your perspective having in mind the clinicians trained. Lambda Solutions is doing what it takes, providing you with this thorough introduction on how to implement Competency Based Training in Healthcare organizations. Get your learners inspired and engaged, by presenting them with situations that require thinking and problem-solving. What’s even better for you, is that this method provides measurable results. Learn all about it, and create a perpetual learning cycle, reducing costs and addressing pain points.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network