A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence - Part 1

by Lambda Solutions

Competency training is a structured approach to training and assessment of employees. This eBook shows how creating competency models for specific functional roles, contribute to company-wide strategic goals.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Even though Competency Based Training is a concept that has been around for decades, it has only recently gained mainstream attention for both its effectiveness and ability to create competitive advantage through human talent.

  2. What is Competency Based Training?

    Before we define and explain competency based training, let’s break it down to define ‘competency’. The
    term competency refers to individual characteristics that contribute to acceptable or outstanding performance.

  3. Why More Organizations are Focusing on Competency Based Training

    More and more organizations are implementing competency based training because it helps to prioritize training dollars and ultimately it achieves results.

  4. Why Learning and Development Managers Love CBT

    Significant time and effort goes into creating accurate and whole competency models. When done properly, organizations will enjoy many benefits of Competency Modeling.

"Competencies are an important tool, much like a compass, to find direction in attracting, developing, retaining and positioning the best, most productive and promotable people." Graber & Rothwell

Dealing with corporate online training as uniform thing will not get you far. The competency based model is one you should delve into, and this guide composed by Lambda Solutions is a good starting point. It serves as a complete introduction, shedding light on the structured approach that competency based training imports. Train your employees so that your company reaches its goals and assess them so that role distribution and strategy planning can be seen as fresh concepts. The more you learn about CBT, the more you’ll realize why it is trending among organizations and L&D managers.

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