5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization

by 360Learning

We have gathered elements that will help you throughout each step, from building your project brief to deploying the solution. This eBook will give you all the advice you need to turn your digital learning plan into a genuine success!

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    In a continuously evolving economy where everyone is expected to unceasingly innovate and adapt, digitizing your training has become a necessity.

  2. Step 1 - Identify Your Managerial Goals

    Element 1: How should you build your sales pitch for each discussion partner?

  3. Step 2 - Find The Right Partner

    Element 2: How to choose the right platform?

  4. Step 3 - Present A Plan With Figures

    Element 3: How can you calculate the ROI of your project?

  5. Step 4 - Be Convincing

    Element 4: How to build your presentation and make it convincing?

  6. Step 5 - Are You Ready?

    Element 5: How to successfully set up the platform?

It is urgent that you transform learning in your company. Indeed, in a growing knowledge economy, one has to learn constantly to be able to innovate and develop oneself. The best way to do this is to transform your business into a learning organization that will naturally create and disseminate knowledge among its members.

Let’s say you need to digitize your learning content – after all, digitizing training has become a necessity in this continuously evolving economy. How should you choose the right platform? How can you calculate the ROI of your project? How should you build a convincing presentation? Have you prepared your budget? These crucial issues, and some more, are thoroughly explored in 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization – a must-read for those who really want to step up their game in the digitization process.

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