How To Leverage Mobile Devices To Drive Seamless Learning In A Hybrid Workplace

by 360Learning

The aim of this eBook is to illustrate the extent to which mobile training is initiating a new era in the field of eLearning, and how you can put this to the benefit of achieving your business goals in hybrid work environments.

Key Chapters

  1. Challenge 1: Effectively closing skills gaps

  2. Challenge 2: Competing with modern apps in a war for attention

  3. Challenge 3: Building courses while balancing time constraints

  4. Challenge 4: Dealing with connectivity issues

  5. Challenge 5: Creating mobile learning habits

  6. Conclusion: Make mobile learning a priority in a hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work, and for many, hybrid work is the future, if it’s not already happening now.

The mobile device has already revolutionized the world we live in. In their eBook Mobile Learning – How To Leverage Mobile Learning For Your Training Strategies, 360Learning illustrate how you can use mLearning to achieve your business goals by increasing the engagement and interactivity of your users with your training offer. Do yourself a favor and check this must-read – it will really help you boost your workforce's performance!

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Christopher Pappas
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