The Business Case For eLearning

by Growth Engineering Ltd.

An eLearning approach can save you a lot of money – but only if you enter into it with the right attitude. With this eBook, you will discover all the ways eLearning can help bolster your ROI.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    When there are cuts to be made in the business world, the training budget is often the first on the chopping block. This has left the door open for eLearning to make its grand entrance.

  2. eLearning Acceptance

    eLearning has earned widespread acceptance throughout the corporate world and the number of companies willing to invest in an online learning programme continues to grow on a yearly basis.

  3. Calculating ROI

    Whilst there are numerous ways of calculating ROI, it is mostly a matter of comparing the benefits of the training against the investment placed within the training initiative.

  4. The Business Benefits Of eLearning

    As we see it, an eLearning approach delivers benefits in three major areas. Some of these benefits and sub-benefits are provided through classroom training though many are not.

  5. Using eLearning To Cut Costs

    It’s true that eLearning can cut costs in just about every area of the training budget. There is no need to pay for travel or finding accommodation for your workforce. All you need is internet access.

  6. Using eLearning To Drive Efficiency

    eLearning has evolved into a remarkably efficient and sophisticated form of training delivery. Yet it’s often difficult to quantify this benefit in monetary terms.

  7. Using eLearning To Develop Intellectual Capital

    As the importance of intellectual capital continues to grow, so too will the need for knowledge management. With the brutal sense of competition currently spreading through the business landscape, easy access to job- relevant knowledge has become a means for increasing chances of survival.

  8. Adopting An Engagement Strategy To Raise ROI

    Whilst setting aside funds for training is a good start, organisational growth takes a much larger commitment. If eLearning is to be successful, it needs to be embraced at every level – from the higher-ups down to the

  9. How The Discovery Method Can Increase ROI

    Our unique design methodology The Discovery Method puts you and your experiences at the centre of the learning process. Not only is it highly effective, it’s also an entertaining journey.

  10. Conclusion

    The business case for eLearning is crystal clear. It’s a three-pronged attack on those naysayers who remain disenchanted by the power of modern technology to provide an inspirational platform for learning and self- development.

As Generation Y and Z members take up more roles in the working world, the level of technological comfort has increased. We now spend 36.5 hours a week on the internet. It is fair to say that we know our way around a computer. eLearning is no longer the girl that you are too afraid to ask out on a date. She is the girl you take home to meet your mother with a worldly sense of pride. In today’s wired world workforces are not only ready to take their learning experience online – many of them actually expect to.

What The Business Case For eLearning does, is building up solid argument, as to how online learning can improve training ROI. It starts with how to calculate it, right after reading the reasons why eLearning has reached corporate mainstream. Then comes the part where you learn how using eLearning helps you cut costs, drive efficiency, and develop intellectual capital. Following, you'll find great insight on adopting an engagement strategy, and apply the discovery method. Both are presented as ways to increase ROI, and the way it is put, you have to believe it.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network