Transforming Employee Onboarding With An Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution

by Designing Digitally President, Andrew Hughes

Are you considering a Virtual Reality training program for your employee onboarding? Download this eBook by Designing Digitally President, Andrew Hughes, to learn the benefits that are gained with this learning approach, what you should consider before implementation and how to deliver the most effective virtual training.

Key Chapters

  1. 5 Virtual Reality Training Benefits HR Managers Should Know

    Learn 5 ways that VR training can improve your HR endeavors.

  2. Ultimate Trends in VR Training: Application in Employee Onboarding

    Discover how VR can be applied to your onboarding strategy and the impact it can have on your company.

  3. How to Leverage VR Training to Create Better Onboarding Experiences

    Learn 6 tips on how to leverage this technology in your onboarding strategy

  4. What to Consider before Implementing VR Training for Employee Onboarding

    Learn the top considerations for you to think about before you implement your Virtual Reality onboarding plan.

  5. 7 Key Elements Of VR Training To Boost Employee Engagement & Retention

    Discover 7 key elements of VR and reveal how it can be used to improve the employee engagement and retention seen at your company.

  6. 5 Criteria to Choose the Ideal Vendor for your Vr Training Program

    Learn 5 criteria to help you select the ideal vendor for your Virtual Reality training program.

  7. 5 Examples of Immersive VR Training Solutions to Increase Training ROI

    Review 5 examples of companies that have already implemented this learning tool and share the success they have seen.

VR is a great, economical way to provide hands-on training that is almost impossible to replicate in the real world.

Virtual Reality Training Solution may seem like a feat of the future. But it's here. It has arrived and appears to be a best practice when it comes to innovative learning experiences; from onboarding to employee engagement and retention. The applications are widespread and endless in nature. Who better to explain how work processes can be enhanced using VR than 'Designing Digitally.'

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Christopher Pappas
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