Serious Games Development In The Modern Workplace

by Designing Digitally, Inc.

Are you considering Serious Games for your employee training? Download this eBook by Designing Digitally to learn more about the benefits that are gained with game-based learning and what to consider to deliver the most effective Serious Game.

Key Chapters

  1. 8 Reasons To Develop Serious Games In Corporate Training

    Learn 8 reasons to develop Serious Games for your employee training.

  2. 5 Trends In Serious Games And How To Leverage Them Today

    Uncover 5 Serious Games trends and learn how to leverage them for training success.

  3. 7 Steps Towards Successful Serious Game Implementation

    Explore 7 steps that will guide you to successful Serious Game implementation.

  4. 7 Essential Serious Games Design Elements To Increase Engagement & Knowledge Retention

    Unlock 7 design elements that you should consider for your Serious Games to increase engagement and knowledge retention.

  5. How Serious Games Lead To A Higher Corporate Training ROI

    Discover how to increase your training ROI through Serious Games.

  6. 11 Common Challenges You May Face During Serious Games Development

    Learn 11 challenges that are often faced with Serious Games to be sure you can overcome them.

  7. 9 Great Serious Game Mechanics To Use In The Modern Workplace

    Unlock 9 mechanics that are perfect to use for Serious Games and will empower your employees.

  8. 9 Tips To Vet A Specialized Vendor For Outsourcing Serious Games Development

    Learn how to find the perfect vendor to outsource your Serious Games development.

Adult learners are far more likely to play a game again than sit through an eLearning module a second time or re-watch a recording of an Instructor-Led session.

Game-based learning has proven to be extremely effective in the workplace. Serious games increase engagement and knowledge retention. In this amazing eBook, learn how you can step up the model of employee training in your organization and increase your ROI by implementing serious games.

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