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Investing In Simulation Training To Train In A Safe Environment - A Guide For L&D Professionals


Investing In Simulation Training To Train In A Safe Environment - A Guide For L&D Professionals

by Designing Digitally President, Andrew Hughes / Published: Sep 16 2019

What it's about

Are you considering Simulation Training for your employee learning and development? Download this eBook by Designing Digitally President, Andrew Hughes, to learn the benefits that are gained with this learning approach, what you should consider before implementation and how to deliver the most effective simulated training.

Key chapters

  • 8 Benefits Of Simulation Training Compared To Other Methods In Corporate Training

    Learn 8 reasons why you should use this learning approach compared to other methods.
  • 6 Ways Simulation Training Improves Employee Performance

    Find out about 6 ways that simulation training can improve performance for your workforce.
  • 9 Simulation Training Best Practices L&D Professionals Need To Know

    Review simulation training best practices from the L&D community to help you efficiently utilize this learning tool and ensure effective delivery.
  • 5 Reasons To Offer Simulation VR Training Experiences

    Discover 5 reasons this learning approach could be a benefit to your corporate training strategy.
  • 5 Ways Simulation Training Can Minimize Compliance Expenses

    Learn 5 ways that implementing simulation training can reduce compliance costs that come from employee learning and development.
  • 5 Custom Simulation Training Examples That Will Keep Employees Engaged

    Review 5 examples of custom training simulations that will be sure to engage your learners.
  • 7 Key Metrics When Tracking Simulation Training

    Unveil 7 metrics to track simulation training developments.
  • 5 Instructional Design Tips To Consider For Simulation Training

    Learn how to ensure effective simulation training development and uncover 5 Instructional Design tips that you should consider.

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