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Developing A Mobile Learning Solution That Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning


Developing A Mobile Learning Solution That Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning

by Designing Digitally President, Andrew Hughes / Published: Jul 16 2019

What it's about

This eBook discusses the many benefits of a mobile learning solution and reviews some of the key factors of this training approach, ensuring you can provide the most effective delivery to your workforce and see positive ROI.

Key chapters

  • The Importance of Anytime Anywhere Learning in the Modern Workplace

    Review Anytime Anywhere Learning and the importance of delivering training to your learners at the moment they want it, using the technology they prefer.
  • Benefits of Creating a Mobile Learning App for Corporate Training

    Learn the benefits of creating a mobile learning app for your employee training strategy and see the impact it can have on your company.
  • 7 Ways a Mobile Learning Solution can Empower a Remote Workforce

    Find out about 7 ways a custom mobile learning solution can better prepare a remote workforce.
  • 6 Do's and Don'ts for Creating a Learning on the Go Strategy in the Workplace

    Learn 6 do’s and don’ts in this article that will help you prepare a successful mobile training strategy for your company.
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of Mobile Training

    Review how you can use Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model to evaluate the effectiveness of your mobile training.
  • 6 Tips to Track the Learning on the Go in Corporate Training

    Gain 6 tips to track your learning on the go to ensure your learners are effectively performing.
  • How to Boost Corporate Training ROI with a Custom Mobile Learning App

    Read about different ways that a custom mobile learning app can increase your training ROI.
  • Case Study: Maximizing the Value of Your Mobile Learning App

    Review the mobile training program designed for Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC and learn tips that can be used to maximize the value of your mobile training solutions.

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