How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital

by Looop

Induction exists to help organisations get new employees up to speed and productive as quickly as possible. The costs of finding, hiring, onboarding and training new employees can prove to be costly, so it’s vital for companies to develop the best possible Induction programme to equip new starters with all they need to get going. This ebook looks at why Induction exists, why it’s broken and how technology can support the organisation.

Key Chapters

  1. Know why you're doing Induction

    Do you know the value of a solid Induction programme? This chapter looks at the importance of onboarding and the impact it has on new starters.

  2. How can technology help the Induction process?

    Think of the impact technology has had on how business is done and the ability to communicate with others. Learn how to use technology to engage new starters even before Day One.

  3. Being where new starters are

    Take a look at the 3 stages of Induction and incorporate technology into the onboarding process. This chapter focuses on the 3 stages 'From ‘Yes to Desk’ (before Day One)', 'Day One / Week One' and 'Up to 3 Months'

  4. Refocusing face-to-face Induction

    This chapter focuses on the importance of bringing people together during onboarding, and refocusing the need for content dumping or 'knowledge transfer'.

  5. Getting started

    With Looop it's easy to start improving your onboarding process in a results-focused and data-driven way using digital resources.

Too many businesses hire new employees and assume they will know how to handle their new role because of their previous experience. However, organisations forget regardless of how competent the new employee is, they are still new to the company's processes, products, systems, procedures and practices.

In the eBook How To Transform The Impact Of Induction And Onboarding With Digital, you will discover just how valuable Induction is to engage new employees and bring them all together, and how technology can make onboarding a smooth process.

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Christopher Pappas
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