The 5 Point Checklist To Kickstart Your Customer Education Program

by Northpass

A better way to onboard new customers and keep current users up-to-date.

Key Chapters

  1. An Introduction to this Checklist

    In the following pages we’ll help you check-off the following items so you’ll be ready to establish your own program: understanding the costs and tradeoffs, determining your program scope and implementation strategy, establishing clear metrics, forming your team, defining roles, setting a realistic timeline, and choosing a partner.

  2. Understand the Costs and Tradeoffs

    Begin by understanding the important cost factors and tradeoffs involved with various approaches.

  3. Determine the Program Scope and Implementation Strategy

    As with any program implementation, you need to clearly establish the goals at the outset. Adding a customer education program to your organization is no different than any other organizational change.

  4. Establish Clear Metrics

    When your team of content creators have invested their efforts in designing and deploying an online training program, you need to be able to capture and analyze key metrics to make sure goals are being met.

  5. What To Track

    Sometimes the best metric is the simplest one. Your training platform should be able to show you how much of your course has been completed by any customer.

  6. Form Your Team, Define Roles and Set Realistic Timeframes

    Quickly deploying that great content requires a server and distribution architecture that is designed to scale while also monitoring, analyzing and optimizing results.

  7. Choosing a Partner

    When considering an external partner to help ensure the success of your online training program, make sure that they bring together 1) the platform features, scalability and adaptability to support your training objectives and 2) the knowledge of best practices, learning design and program management to ensure fast ramp-up and long-term success.

Creating great content is partly an art, but it needs to be supported by a solid infrastructure and project plan to succeed.

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Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network