Learning Insights 2018: This Time It’s Personal

by Kineo

What's really happening in the L&D world right now and what’s coming in the future? Learning Insights 2018 shares the insight, real-life stories, challenges and successes collected from interviews and a survey with 200 L&D leaders across the globe.

Key Chapters

  1. Power to the learner

    This section highlights the continuing shift in the role of L&D from developer and keeper of all things learning to facilitators and enablers.

  2. Supporting performance at the right time

    This section explores the role of technology to deliver learning at the moment of need.

  3. The challenges of globalization

    Our panel weighs in on the challenges of an ever shrinking world, and how they cope with market, cultural and language differences?

  4. Acceleration of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is changing the expectations of the consumers of training and most organizations are keeping pace but this doesn’t come without challenges.

  5. Re-imagining learning platforms

    No dimension of the L&D experience is feeling the pressure of change more than the LMS. In Section 5, we look at the drivers of change and where we’re heading.

  6. The Role of the L&D professional

    In a rapidly changing market, L&D professionals need to sharpen their consulting and analytics skills to survive.

We’re building training for the Facebook Generation. A group that wants training on the skills they think they need, on a device they own, delivered at a time of their choosing. – Jeremy Holand, PepsiCo

You are an active eLearning professional, wanting to keep up with the latest of the L&D world, but can’t seem to find the time or the resources that will give you insight on the evolution that is constantly taking place in the learning industry? Kineo has gathered interviews with leaders of the field, addressing challenges, analyzing real-life stories and highlighting successes, to bring you all the insight you need, regarding what 2018 has in store. Intriguing reads about globalization, digital transformation, the future of LMS and the role of the L&D professional, and much more, included in this eBook.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network