How To Leverage Digital Certificates And Badges To Differentiate Your Program And Generate More Referrals

by Accredible

Learn the best practices for issuing digital badges and certificates to take your online training or elearning program to the next level.

Key Chapters

  1. Why issuing digital badges and certificates is critical

    Digital certificates and badges are one of the best ways to maximize engagement with your students or members. We give you an overview as to why they’re so integral to your online learning or training program.

  2. Generating word of mouth referrals through social sharing

    Whether you’re providing a free online course to learn a skill like social media marketing or whether you’re issuing a prestigious professional certification, praise from happy students is the gold standard for referrals. 

  3. Maximizing member engagement with timely delivery

    The most effective way to create a lasting good impression of your program is to reward participants immediately upon completion with recognition of their achievement.

  4. Ensuring value through trusted verification

    The person who completed your course spent a lot of time and energy to become certified or credible, and they did that for a reason. The only way your certificate is valid to them is if a third party can quickly and easily verify the credential is real.

  5. Boosting adoption by increasing accessibility

    Whether you’re issuing paper certificates or some kind of digital certificate or badge, it’s imperative your members or students can quickly and easily access them online.

There is an inverse relationship between the amount of time that passes and the likelihood of someone sharing or recommending the course to another individual, which means lower word-of-mouth marketing and fewer program referrals.

Digital badges and certificates are an effective way to boost learner engagement, since they are the proof and reward of your online learners' hard work. If you know how to make good use of them, they can even serve as a valuable word-of-mouth marketing tool and bring new online learners to your eLearning courses.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network