How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Soft Skills Training

by BizLibrary

We know great "people skills" when we see them. However, soft skills are not always easy to measure. Learn a methodology to measure the impact of your soft skills training program!

Key Chapters

  1. Soft Skills Defined

    Soft skills can be difficult to quantify. Learn how to recognize soft skills at work.

  2. How to Measure the Impact of Soft Skills

    A 4-step process for analyzing current performance gaps and measuring the business impact of soft skills.

  3. Use Cases

    Realistic examples that you can use as a guide to measure soft skills in your organization and come up with a strategy to improve performance.

Intuitively, we know that soft skills improve performance. If employees communicate more effectively, are we more or less likely to improve sales? Will our customers be more satisfied? If managers learn to listen more effectively and delegate more efficiently, doesn’t it flow logically that their teams will be more engaged and perform at higher levels?

There’s nothing soft about soft skills. These skills are hard to master, but they carry as much impact as technical skills, if not more! Problem solving, active listening, collaboration, emotional intelligence... these are the skills that make successful leaders!

Erin Boettge

Erin Boettge
Content Marketing Manager, BizLibrary