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The Pillars Of Strategic Employee Onboarding


The Pillars Of Strategic Employee Onboarding

by Performance Development Group / Published: Nov 16 2021

What it's about

The Pillars of Strategic Employee Onboarding presents ideas about how to implement a flexible, effective onboarding program that can improve retention rates, help new hires hit the ground running, and start to build connections before the new employee’s first day on the job. Each chapter offers insights, best practices, and strategies you can use right now to protect your organization from the “Great Resignation.”

Key chapters

  • 3 Reasons Why Top Notch Adaptive Employee Onboarding Helps You Avoid The Great Resignation

  • 4 Employee Onboarding Best Practices To Retain Your New Top Performers

  • The Ultimate New Hire Onboarding Checklist

  • Designing A Successful On-The-Go Onboarding Program

  • Levelling-Up Your New Hire Onboarding With The Right Gamification Strategy

  • Essential Employee Onboarding Resources To Bolster Self-Confidence And Job Satisfaction

  • Creative Ways To Immerse New Hires In Your Company Culture From Day One

  • 5 Lifelong Learning Tips To Provide An Ongoing Journey Of Employee Growth

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