Top 10 Essential Skills Every Employee Training Program Manager Needs Right Now

by BizLibrary

Training managers are in the business of building skills and competencies, but what about their own? This workbook will help you identify critical skills that are important for the success of a training program.

Key Chapters

  1. The Top 10 Skills

    Learn the 10 most essential skills for training program managers! For each skill, we’ve identified 4-6 related competencies and behaviors to improve. We’ve also included recommended resources to help you improve each skill.

There are many skills needed to be an effective program manager of online employee training. Fortunately, these skills can be developed and refined!

Training program managers are responsible for the success of corporate training programs. However, sometimes their own skill development gets pushed to the wayside. This workbook can be used as a checklist to determine skill gaps and action steps to improve their own skills!

Erin Boettge

Erin Boettge
Content Marketing Manager, BizLibrary