Getting Started With Training Your On-Demand Workforce And Client Partners

by Northpass

Preserve your brand’s integrity, improve operational efficiency and scale your business with a training program that delivers results.

Key Chapters

  1. An Introduction to this Check-List

    This eBook will cover the items listed, so you’ll be ready to establish your online training program for your on-demand workforce or client partners.

  2. Understand the Costs and Tradeoffs

    Perhaps the biggest cost to consider is the risk of the online training program not achieving its goal of delivering knowledge to the target audience.

  3. Determine the Program Scope and Implementation Strategy

    As with any program implementation, you need to clearly establish the goals at the outset.

  4. So What Should I Track

    Tracking your learners’ progress through a course is important, but these metrics are just a starting point. Every online training initiative is different, and each organization needs to improve in different areas.

  5. Form Your Team, Define Roles and Set Realistic Timeframes

    Quickly deploying that great content requires a server and distribution architecture that is designed to scale while also monitoring, analyzing and optimizing results.

Online training improves retention by 25-60 percent over in-person training.

Online corporate training has proven to be more retention-effective so this check-list that Northpass has composed, under the title Getting Started with Training your On-Demand Workforce and Client Partners, will prove to be a worthy read in getting results that will boost your operational efficiency.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network