Turning Learning Into Profit

by Thought Industries

A playbook for launching your revenue-generating online professional learning business. Our intent with this ebook is to help you understand the size of the market opportunity, grasp the basics of the pro t-making side of learning, and expand your thinking about how to package your assets and take best advantage of new opportunities in the professional learning business.

Key Chapters

  1. Understanding the market opportunity.

    Professional training and certification have become big business in the United States.

  2. The evolution of online learning.

    The way companies deliver professional learning has shifted, and the expectations are higher than ever.

  3. The modern learner and content.

    Finding the right mix, cadence, and framework for delivery can establish credibility and engagement.

  4. Monetization options.

    Monetization options can be deployed singly or stacked with others, as long as your technology platform for eCommerce and distribution can accommodate the variations.

  5. Packaging options.

    Utilize various packaging options to cater content deliver to your audience's wants, needs, and preferences.

  6. Accelerating your team's results.

    The right SaaS learning platform can help you accelerate the productivity of those roles while improving the quality of the final product.

  7. Scaling a learning business.

    Developing an online presence that can adapt quickly to your changing market opportunities can be the difference.

  8. Choosing the right platform.

    A best-of-breed solution knits the core functions together into a single seamless platform to help you run your learning business far more efficiently.

51 million people had received professional certification and 21 million had earned educational certificates. All of them needed some form of training to attain their credentials.

The online learning segment is undergoing hyper-growth right now. If you’re in the
business of delivering learning in some form, you can position yourself to leverage your content, repackage and distribute it intelligently, and thereby find new ways to monetize it. Whatever your business focus or segment -- B2B professional training, extended enterprise learning or direct to consumer -- learning can be a powerful way to engage and expand your customer base while building a high-margin business with assets and expertise you
already have.

Barry Kelly

Barry Kelly
CEO, Thought Industries