The Ultimate Guide To Successful eLearning Implementation At The Workplace

by Learnnovators

A workplace eLearning initiative has the potential to become a humongous success, provided you hit the right notes. Find out more.

Key Chapters

  1. What does a good workplace eLearning strategy look like?

    In this section, we cover the key points to consider when defining a workplace eLearning strategy.

  2. What should we develop in-house, and what should we outsource? And how do we go about finding the right vendor-partner?

    Build, buy, or outsource? This section discusses the critical questions to ask when making this key decision, and also while choosing a vendor-partner.

  3. How do we design eLearning programs for lasting success?

    Design is the key component that can make learning stick, and cause behavior to change. This section covers important design elements that need to be considered while designing a course.

  4. What is the best way to roll out our eLearning courses?

    Marketing a course the way products are marketed has several benefits. Besides making learners aware of the course’s existence and motivating them to go through it, it can help nudge them towards desired behaviors as well. This section discusses four ways to ‘sell’ eLearning programs to learners.

  5. How do we know if our eLearning initiative is successful?

    Great strategy and flawless execution are two steps to a successful eLearning initiative. But wait! How do we know that the initiative is successful? Evaluation helps us find out. In this section, we discuss the key elements of a good evaluation plan.

A learning program that supports the experience that people naturally go through when they are learning something new, tends to achieve its outcomes more effectively.

Making the transition from traditional corporate learning to corporate eLearning is no easy task. This is a step-by- step guide to all the stages you need to go through to make eLearning an inseparable part of your company.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network