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How To Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide To Training Evaluation


How To Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide To Training Evaluation

by Growth Engineering Ltd. / Published: Mar 01 2018

What it's about

When it comes to learning management systems – or any learning technology solution – value for money is essential. It’s important today, more than ever, when every action and investment quickly starts to add up. In our new workbook, you’ll find out how to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and secure the training budget you deserve!

Key chapters

  • Why do we Neglect Training Evaluation?

    Training evaluation is important – so why is it always seen as an afterthought?
  • Why You Must Evaluate Your Training

    Evaluating your training could well be the secret to winning your next training budget.
  • The Heroes of Training Evaluation

    Donald Kirkpatrick, Roger Kaufman, Jack Phillips – what do these names all have in common?
  • Is the Kirkpatrick Model Still Relevant?

    What do paradigm shifts in learning technologies mean for the old models of training evaluation?
  • Introducing the Growth Engineering Framework

    The GE Framework for training evaluation lets you use your learning technologies to their greatest potential!
  • Reflecting on Your Progress

    Once you’ve finished your evaluation, it’s time to work out what went well and what you can do better.
  • The Importance of Engagement

    If your ROI is looking a bit worse for wear, then you need to ask yourself a question: Are your learners engaged?
  • The ROI Calculator

    To help you calculate your ROI, we’ve created a handy worksheet!

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