Top 9 Free Online Courses For 2018

Top 9 Free Online Courses For 2018
Summary: Learning never stops, and there is no doubt that with the advent of the internet, it has become a lot more interesting and engaging. With access to tons of digital books and blogs to a wide range of forums and online courses, internet users have more reasons to hope for a better 2018.

Free Online Courses For 2018: eCourses To Look Out For This Year

Well, most web users are just as confused as anyone without experience when it comes to sourcing out the kind of information one would call ‘privileged’; as a result, they end up reading just anything without careful consideration of value attached to it. This can be detrimental to your overall desire for expertise in certain fields of knowledge.

In 2018, you can expect lots of online courses to be made available on the web through platforms such as Coursera and edX. Whether it is for those in need of academic writing tips, blogging skills, or IT knowledge, there will be something for everyone. Most importantly, the value that each of these courses holds should be given a priority. In this article, I explore top online courses you can access for free in 2018 cutting across different fields of knowledge. Take a look further into details.


This is a hugely popular platform for online courses cutting across a range of subjects. Since its inception, Coursera has seen millions of successful course enrollment and completion. This year, it is a place to consider for a quick training on any subject of your choosing and interest. Here is a review of some of the free courses you can take at Coursera in 2018:

1. Creative Programming For Mobile Apps And Digital Media

This is technically an IT course with a programming ingredient and lasts up to five weeks. If you like to learn how to partake in creative music installations, video games, sound manipulations, algorithms, graphics displays and other basic programming knowledge, then this course will hone your skills. It is created by Goldsmiths, University of London.

2. Specialization In Creative writing

Created by Wesleyan University, this course covers 3 major genres in creative literary composition namely; short story, memoir, and narrative essay. It is interactively designed to meet the needs of anyone aspiring to be a novelist and you can be sure to write custom essay online henceforth. It constitutes 5 courses as well as projects to hone your skills. Certificates are awarded upon completion. New session starts on 19th March.

3. Fundamentals Of Java Programming And Software Engineering

This is another interesting course and at Coursera that is created by Duke University. It entails five courses, projects, and certification. It is basically designed for starters and will help you understand the basics of Android and core Java scripting concepts. It equally would sharpen your software engineering skills and a new session begins on 22nd January.

Open Culture

From audio books, online courses, videos, eBooks to movies, learning at Open Culture is enhanced in many ways. Courses are sampled from over one thousand leading Universities around the world.

4. Advanced Data Structures

This course covers computer science as applied in algorithms and data structures. You also get to learn about mail servers and networking routing through downloadable files such as video. It constitutes 22 topics.

5. Creative Writing

This is a Masterclass eCourse that will hone your writing skills to heights unimaginable to entry any writers department. It is packed into downloadable multimedia content cutting across audio, video, and books. Once done, you will be able to develop a plot, create characters, and do fiction stories, as well as partake in writing jobs like a pro.

6. Contemporary literature

This is another interesting course you can go for at Open Culture and learn online or through downloadable video files.


edX connects learners with the best universities around the world through online courses on its web platform. There are thousands of courses to choose from.

7. Programming Basics

Solving real-world issues wouldn’t be any better. This course equips you with programming skills in languages such as C and C++. It is tutored by professional instructions and you can enroll any day.

8. How To Write An Essay

If you have been struggling to make a breakthrough in an academic writing, then this course will turn things around. Emphasis is on English grammar, editing, the creation of essays, effective sentences, and many others. You can enroll any day and get access to course resources via email as videos, texts, or a coursework book.

9. Introduction To Programming In Python

Python is one the programming languages you will be interested in learning and at edX, you get access to everything you need to get started. The course is provided by Texas University, Arlington. Once done, you should be able to develop apps, manipulate user data-input and create user interfaces. Enrollment is any day.

In conclusion, learning has increasingly become something you can partake in any day or time with the creation of online courses and through platforms where resources can be accessed with ease. There are lots of things you can learn in 2018 and stay ahead of the pack in skill development.