List Of Free iPad Apps For Children With Special Needs: Part 1

Top Free iPad Apps For Children With Special Needs

A friend of mine has a kid with special needs. So he asked "how can I help my children learn?" "Are there any Free iPad Apps For Children With Special Needs? What the eLearning Industry is doing for children with special needs?" These were taught questions and as you can understand I begun the research.

While I begun my research I saw the TCEA. The TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning through the use of computers and technology. Nice mission statement I can say. The awesome thing about TCEA was the iPad Apps and Resources for Teachers, where I found an amazing list with iPad Apps for children with special needs.

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In this list you will find 40 Free iPad Apps for students with Special Needs. I will appreciate if you add any App for students with Special Needs that is not included in the list!

General Special Needs

  1. ABA Receptive identification - By Class
  2. ABA Receptive identification
  3. Dance Pet Piano HD Lite
  4. Let's Build a Bedroom
  5. Model Me Going Places 2
  6. My Little Suitcase
  7. MyHomework
  8. PCS Memory
  9. See.Touch.Learn
  10. Singing Fingers HD
  11. Snow Wonder by Moms with Apps
  12. Stories about Me
  13. Story Wheel
  14. Tiny Talkers Starter Edition


  1. ABA Flash Cards & Games
  2. Autism Emotion
  3. Autism iHelp
  4. AutismXpress
  5. Emotionary by Me.Mu
  6. FindMe(Autism)
  7. NLConcepts Autism
  8. Odd Face Out
  9. Sunny Day, A
  10. Talking Picture Board
  11. Touch and Learn
  12. What's the Expression for iOS

Basic Skills

  1. ABA Flash Cards - Alphabet
  2. ABA Flash Cards - Animals
  3. ABA Flash Cards - Food
  4. ABA Problem Solving - What Does Not Belong?
  5. ABA Problem Solving Game - What Rhymes?
  6. ABA Problem Solving Game - Which Go Together?
  7. ABA Sight Words
  8. Flash Cards for Kids - First Food Words
  9. iHowTo-Book
  10. Injini: Child Development Game Suite Lite
  11. iTouchLearn Words for Preschool & Special Needs Kids Free: Spelling, Reading, and Letters
  12. Same Meaning Magic (Synonyms)
  13. Touch and Learn - ABC Alphabet and 123 Numbers
  14. Touch the Sound

I highly encourage you if you know a Free iPad App for students with Special Needs that is not include in this list to leave a comment! 

  1. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 1 - Total 40 Free iPad Apps
    • General Special Needs
    • Autism
    • Basic Skills
  2. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 2 - Total 18 Free iPad Apps
    • Behavior
    • Books (regular, audio, and interactive)
    • Choice Board and Schedulers
    • Early Language Development
    • Taking Turns
    • For the Teacher
  3. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 3 - Total 20 Free iPad Apps
    • Speech Therapy
    • Vision

Check 78 Free iPad Apps for Students with Special Needs from The eLearning Industry.

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