10 Fun Ideas For Your Virtual Office Christmas Party

10 Fun Ideas For Your Virtual Office Christmas Party
Summary: Still working from home this Christmas? Don't worry! It's time to throw the best virtual office Christmas party using these 10 fun ideas!

How To Make This Year’s Remote Office Christmas Party Memorable

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and after a hectic year of working hard, we could all use some relaxing downtime. But before that, there is everyone’s favorite tradition: the office Christmas party! Despite our work-life having been transferred at home, we can still enjoy ourselves just as much as before by throwing a virtual office Christmas party! So, get your party mood on and read on to find out 10 fun ideas that will make this year’s remote party memorable.

10 Fun Ideas For Your Virtual Office Christmas Party

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10 Party Ideas For Remote Workers

1. Send Out Gift Boxes

Just like any party, your virtual office Christmas party needs supplies. So, help your employees get into party mode by sending them gift boxes with everything they will need. The box could contain chocolate and Christmas candy, hats and t-shirts, a bottle of wine, a board game, a gift card, etc. This way, you’re showing your appreciation and setting them up for the celebration.

2. Organize An Online Game Tournament

Playing a game is a great Christmas idea for your virtual party. Many board, action, or trivia games are online, and they can promote teamwork while keeping everyone entertained. Vote on your favorite game and start a quick tournament with an enticing reward for the winner. If you’re not into board games, go for the classic Secret Santa game with virtual gifts or gifts that have been mailed beforehand.

3. Build Gingerbread Houses

This Christmas tradition will get everyone in a festive mood. So, send each of your virtual guests a gingerbread house kit and encourage them to get creative. You can build the gingerbread houses during the party or have everyone prepare them beforehand and present them on the day of. Make it a little more competitive by voting on the most beautifully decorated house and offering a prize for the winner.

4. Decorate Cookies

If you’re looking for something a little less challenging for your virtual Christmas party, then cookie decoration is for you. Once again, your guests need supplies which you can send a day or two before the party. Cookie decorating kits usually include pre-baked cookies (for the colleague who can’t bake), frosting, food coloring, and sprinkles. All your guests have to do is start decorating and present their masterpieces.

5. Exchange Virtual Christmas Cards

Despite not working together, colleagues can still send Christmas cards to one another. In addition, e-cards don’t waste paper or cost money (unless you’re looking to make fancy cards). Direct your employees to a website where they can create their own digital Christmas cards and exchange them during the party. Everyone will have a good laugh with the fun designs and benefit from the kind thoughts.

6. Make Your Own Eggnog

Who doesn’t love this heartwarming Christmas staple drink? Share a recipe with your colleagues so they can all gather the necessary ingredients and start cooking! It could be a messy process for some, so maybe tell everyone to do it the night before. During your virtual Christmas party, you can all sit down together and enjoy your homemade drink. If you want a twist, you can spice it up with your favorite alcohol.

7. Dress Up In Christmas Colors

Get everyone in a festive mood and light up your virtual office Christmas party by dressing up in the traditional colors of the Christmas season: red, green, gold, and silver. If you want, you can even add some accessories to your festive attire, such as Santa Clause hats and antler headbands. This light-hearted activity will fill everyone with joy!

8. Use Christmas Themed Backgrounds

While working remotely, we’ve all occasionally changed our Zoom background to hide our messy home. Why not use it for the office Christmas party to make our backgrounds more joyful and festive? Remind your team to find a suitable picture ahead of time and have everyone showcase their Christmas background of choice during the party.

9. Make Your Holiday Playlist

No party is complete without some music. You might not have a DJ at your virtual office Christmas party, but you can all create the soundtrack together. Start by creating a holiday playlist on the platform of your choice and share it with your colleagues so they can all add their favorite Christmas songs or carols. Put the playlist on during the party and have fun guessing who added each song.

10. Organize The Party Together

A virtual Christmas party gives coworkers the opportunity to come together after all that time of working from home. So, before you make any final decisions, make sure everyone feels included and use your internal communication platform to ask for virtual Christmas party recommendations. You might decide on a Christmas jumper contest or a game you would all like to play. Just post a series of questions and let the voting begin.


The fact that we’re now working from home is no reason not to celebrate Christmas. Though it may not look the same, celebrations still hold great importance and can greatly benefit teamwork and employee morale. So, take some inspiration from the ideas we shared in this article and organize your own virtual office Christmas party!

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