Easy Breezy Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

Easy Breezy Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress
Summary: While the holidays are the best time of the year for some, for others it's a nightmare. Once the mood starts to become jolly and festive, you start feeling the stress levels rising. If you identify yourself with this, then keep reading! In this story, discover how you can reduce holiday stress easily and effortlessly.

Oh, Christmas Stress-Free! How To Reduce Holiday Stress This Year

As we are approaching the most wonderful time of the year, we fill ourselves up with joy and excitement, thinking about Christmas decorations, gifts, and celebrations. This year, however, it is going to be somewhat different due to the pandemic of COVID-19 that is still ongoing. We shouldn’t let this bring us down, even if times are hard, indeed. We can make it work even in this way—of course, we can! So, let's keep the holiday spirit alive!

However, it is rather common for some employees to experience hurdles with maintaining excitement during the holidays. The extra pressure, the end-of-the-year deadlines, and any personal, financial, or family obligations might create a stressful feeling. This is why I would like to share with you all the best ways you can reduce holiday stress and truly enjoy your Christmas!

All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Stress-Free

The holidays should be jolly and satisfying. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with family or loved ones, take some time off, relax, taste delicious food, and exchange gifts. A person doesn’t need much to truly live in the holiday spirit. If it comes from the heart and there’s warmth involved, you feel fulfilled. Sadly, there is a number of people who seem to experience it completely differently.

The holidays can bring issues to the surface. It’s possible that someone has suffered a loss or experiences financial troubles, other challenges, etc. With the pandemic still going on, imagine that now. All of these can definitely create stress and by all means, it makes perfect sense. But there are definitely solutions that you can try out to reduce holiday stress! Also, if you are an employer or an employee, bear in mind that managing to reduce stress can lead to a rise in productivity, stronger work culture, and a stress-free environment in the (virtual) workplace.

Jingle Bells Reduce Holiday Stress

As I mentioned, the holidays are supposed to be fun. The good news is that they last for a certain amount of time—they are not forever if that makes you feel a bit relieved! Take a look at the following tips I have tried myself to reduce holiday stress even before it begins.

  • Set priorities and take shortcuts
    Pick a few activities that you like, prioritize your obligations, and minimize the amount of time you spend on preparing for the holidays.
  • Change your expectations for togetherness
    With lockdowns still being the new normal, find alternatives to spend time with your loved ones. Try video calls, even better—themed ones!
  • Set schedules and plan ahead
    Don’t wait until the very last minute to start preparing for the holidays. Start early. Do a bit every day so that the work won’t be much.
  • Spend creative time
    Be as creative as you can, without pushing yourself. For example, if you are a writer, try blogging about something festive or something that brings you true joy, far from the niche you're used to.
  • Breathe and practice self-care
    ALWAYS take your time to relax, step back, and enjoy some quiet time for yourself. This is the most important tip I have for you this year!

Reducing Holiday Stress In The Workplace

Apart from personal tips on how to release tension and stress during the holiday season, if you are an employer, make sure you leave room for your employees to enjoy themselves! This is extremely important, now more than ever. Your workforce will not only appreciate your approach, but productivity levels will rise and creativity will flourish. I put my word into it! Even if your employees are willing to work more because they want to meet end-of-the-year deadlines or to make extra money, get some time to explain to them that it is essential to take some time for themselves this year and manage to reduce holiday stress.

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Here are a few ways to relieve holiday stress in the workplace:

  • Offer a small gift or plan a Secret Santa event. This will boost confidence and show your employees you truly care about the company culture and jolly spirit!
  • Consider offering flexible schedules for your employees in case they need to get their holidays preparations ready.
  • Implement wellness breaks into their routine, especially if they don’t get days off during the holidays. Let them take some time off to unwind.
  • Motivate your workforce to work in teams to share the workload, and guide them if necessary.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The holidays shouldn’t come with stress. Employees need to take some time off and enjoy all this beautiful atmosphere and vibe as much as possible. Everyone has the right to feel like a child again, not drowned in responsibilities and anxiety. Spend time to plan your holidays, offer smart gifts to the ones you love without spending a fortune! Take time off your computer screen and phone. Breathe. Take in these moments as much as possible. It’s been a rough year, and we all deserve to recharge so that we can get into the arena all freshened up and powerful.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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