6 Stress-Free Tips To Prep For The Holiday Break [Employee Edition]

6 Stress-Free Tips To Prep For The Holiday Break
Summary: Has this holiday season gotten everyone in the office anxious? Here are 6 stress-free tips to help employees prep for the holiday break!

How To Ensure A Stress-Free Holiday Break

The holidays are meant to be a time for employees to rest and spend quality time with their loved ones. The distance from their job allows them to relax and put all the stress of the hectic year they just had behind them. However, to ensure that they will be present in the moment and not worry about something work-related, they must first take some steps. In this article, we share 6 tips employees can use to prep for the holiday break so that they can make the most of their free time.

6 Ways To Prep For The Holiday Break

1. Organize Your Time

Time management is important for any employee, but leading up to the holiday season, it becomes essential. In the weeks before your break, take the time to sort through your tasks, meetings, and responsibilities overall and plan accordingly. For example, schedule any important meetings before the holidays and postpone things that can wait. Remember to keep your schedule light on the day before and after your holiday. This will give you the time to take care of any last-minute tasks and get back into the groove of things respectively.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

It's understandable that not all of the tasks that pile up for the end of the year can be completed in time. For instance, if you deem that a specific client project cannot be ready before you're all out of the office, make sure to inform them ahead of time and agree on an appropriate time extension. At the same time, push more urgent projects to the top of your priority list so that you don't end up working during the holidays. Finally, try not to assign your colleagues any tasks of lesser importance, especially if they themselves are caught up wrapping up essential projects.

3. Share The Load

It's common for employees to work long hours as they prep for the holiday break. But that might not be necessary. Check with your supervisor and colleagues if it's possible to delegate some of your tasks. Make sure to share your tasks with someone who has the necessary time and knowledge to complete them. No one should feel pressured to help someone else with their workload if it means they will have to neglect their own. Finally, when you delegate your work, give your co-worker detailed directions regarding all tasks to avoid any misunderstandings.

4. Communicate Your PTO In Time

The time before the holidays is busy for everyone, with projects culminating, report submissions, and so on. The last thing your HR and management teams need are numerous employees declaring their time off at the last possible moment. For the year to close smoothly and without frustrations, it's important that you follow PTO policies and let everyone know well in advance when you will be out of the office. This way, you also ensure that no colleagues will be trying to contact you while you're enjoying your Christmas break.

5. Set Your Out-Of-Office Email

This might seem like an unnecessary piece of advice, but often these small details fall through the cracks. And there is nothing worse than a client emailing you and not getting an answer for days on end. Therefore, before you leave for your break, set up your out-of-office email explaining which days you are unavailable. If it's required by your company, include your or a colleague's contact details in case of an emergency.

6. Plan For After The Holiday Break

Once you have prioritized, scheduled, and planned for this year's tasks, it would be wise to take a look at what's waiting for you after your return. Besides, all the Christmas and New Year celebrations and feasts may have clouded your mind a little bit. Therefore, a little work now will have your future self thanking you for your forward thinking. So, note down which projects are coming up as well as a rough draft of your course of action once you return.

Welcome The Holiday Spirit

The weeks leading up to the Christmas break can be stressful for everyone, with familial responsibilities, social commitments, and gift shopping. Even though the pressure increases in the workplace as well, it is possible to help employees get into the holiday spirit. Office parties (on-site or virtual), small gifts, charitable activities, and festive decor can lift everyone's spirits and motivate them to complete their tasks sooner rather than later. Combine these with the tips we shared in this article, and this year's prep for the holiday break will be a breeze.

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