eBook Release: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement

Free eBook: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement
Summary: Game-based learning has the potential to transform and add an exciting factor to your online courses. Read this eBook to know how game-based learning can help corporate training and the benefits it affords.

Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement – The Key To Effective Corporate Training

Online training can, over a period of time, get quite boring and monotonous for both employees and trainers. This leads to a constant quest on the part of training managers to find a training method that can engage learners and bring in the desired results. Organizations today are open to exploring training methods that will bring positive results. Many of them are looking at game-based learning because of increasing evidence that says it scores high on engagement and promotes long-term retention in learners. In the eBook Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement you will learn that game-based learning appeals to learners because it provides them opportunities to experiment while learning, and for self-expression. It appeals to their self-esteem because the instant and positive feedback learners get when playing the game promotes a feel-good emotion. This motivates them to complete the game and, consequently, the course as well.

eBook Release: eBook: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement
eBook Release
eBook: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement
This eBook is made to meet the needs of trainers and learners, through game-based learning.

Games promote social interaction among learners. As players, they are all part of a common experience. Sharing the experience encourages peer-based learning, builds a healthy competitive spirit among learners, and promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Games can be created to mimic the real-world; this helps learners with the real world application of skills and knowledge. They can do this in a risk-free setting without the fear of consequences and also learn from the mistakes they may make. Game-based learning provides instant feedback to learners and since it is personalized, it helps them correct their mistakes instantly.

Organizations that have implemented game-based learning garner better learner adoption of online learning. It makes the teaching of complex subjects easier. This training method appeals to a multi-generation workforce. It can improve multiple skill sets from basic eye-hand co-ordination skills to complex ones such as problem-solving, strategic thinking, and social skills. As for the cost factor, advances in technology have made the development of game-based learning less expensive today.

With so much going for game-based learning, Instructional Designers are looking for optimal ways to use game-based learning in different trainings from compliance training, to product and new hire training. They are exploring possibilities of infusing games in different learning activities such as assessments, scenarios and simulations.

The positive aspects of game-based learning are making an increasing number of organizations eager to adopt it for their training, but one should know the right way to design and implement games so that they succeed. They have to be designed well and aligned with organizational goals. The game has to be relevant and provide learners a unique learning experience.

Games can be used as part of a blended curriculum to cover a specific knowledge or skill. For example, the topic can be delivered through an online course or a classroom session, whereas the pre- and post-assessments can be gamified. There are different approaches to designing games. You can use existing games or create customized games, based on your needs.

Making a convincing business case is one of the first steps in helping your organization adopt game-based learning. For this, you have to clarify the doubts of management regarding the cost implications of creating it and whether it will suit the training objectives of your organization.

There is a common misconception that games are only for children and may not work for adults, apart from providing some entertainment value. This is far from the truth; in fact, game-based learning can improve the problem-solving abilities of adults. They can be created to cater to different learning styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Game-based learning has the potential to transform your online training and add an exciting flavor to your online courses. Games can teach new skills to your employees in an interesting way that will engage them and bring the desired results. These are some of the reasons many organizations are including game-based learning in their online courses.

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