Implications And Importance Of Game-Based Learning For New Hires

Implications And Importance Of Game-Based Learning For New Hires
Summary: Games give experiences meaning, they allow you to explore, think, and try things out. Read this article for tips to make new hire training engaging, enjoyable, and effective.

Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement: What Is The Importance For New Hires?

Regular induction or new hire training usually means a series of PowerPoint presentations or online courses offering nothing but information about the company. They are lengthy and time-consuming, and new hires barely absorb any knowledge and do not actually become ‘job-ready’. However, when this training is game-based, it instantly appeals to individuals of different ages. What is game-based learning? How does it matter? Is it engaging, enjoyable, and effective? How can it be related to serious learning?

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Game-based learning makes learning and instruction fun and immersive. Games give experiences meaning, they provide a set of boundaries within a safe environment, to explore, think, and try things out. They provide the motivation to succeed and reduce the sting of failure. Games are an ideal learning environment, with their built-in permission to fail, encouragement of out-of-box thinking, and sense of control.

The addition of game elements fused with a traditional learning environment is a way to leverage the power of engagement and imagination. Game-based learning provides learners with a sense of engagement, immediate feedback, feeling of accomplishment, and success of striving against a challenge and overcoming it.

New hire training programs familiarize new employees with the organization’s vision, mission, purpose, goals, culture, services, policies, procedures, health and safety measures, their roles and responsibilities, and more. HR or training managers have to meticulously plan the training program. It is of the utmost importance that new hires have a smooth transition into the organization and become productive, failing which, the organization’s growth and reputation will be tarnished.

Let me share an instance of one of our clients, who wanted a gamified approach for their induction training. Their requirement was simple: They wanted new hires to explore and learn about the company. Our Instructional Designers came up with a game-based course with a virtual campus of the organization as the backdrop. The course focused on giving them an overview of the company and the various departments.

Each aspect of the company was demonstrated through various buildings. On the click of the first building, they are taken to the CEO’s room, where they get to meet the CEO who gives a welcome message (in the form of a video). They move ahead to the other buildings and learn about the company’s vision, mission, goals, and business objectives.

That was simple, wasn’t it? According to surveys and researches, game-based training is far more appealing to employees as it propels higher engagement and superior learning outcomes. Earning points, receiving badges, and leveling up metamorphoses the humdrum experience of commonplace work into something engaging, enjoyable, and effective. Through such training programs, new hires can recall and synthesize a lot of information.

Let’s now look at a few tips to make new hire training interesting and engaging. Several types of game techniques and mechanics can be used to educate new hires about the company’s policies and procedures.


Link new information with prior information. Provide resources such as detailed documents, audio-visuals, or any other media that illustrate the context. This will help learners perform better in game-based learning. When they are aware of the context, it helps them retain information better and, thereby, perform better.

Weave Stories

It is common knowledge that the human brain has a natural tendency to be more inclined to stories or the narrative construction of facts. They tend to remember facts more accurately if they encounter them in a story, rather than a pile of stacked information. This is a continuation of the Elaboration technique, wherein facts are embedded into the context of the learner.

For new hires, your game can present the story of how your organization started and evolved over the years.

Involve Sorting

Another tip is to include games that require sorting. In such situations, learners will have to place content in the right slot to complete a level in the game. At a factual level, the learner doesn’t have to understand the different categories or sorting requirements, they just have to identify what goes where. This helps them understand the organizational goals and protocols. Once they are acquainted with the facts and practices, they can understand the company better.

Have Matching Exercises

In such games, learners are required to link images or ideas or situations with other similar features. These games can be used to teach basic concepts effectively. To learn the basics of anything, you should be able to identify the concepts related to it. For instance, if you wish to learn to drive, you should be able to identify the various road signs and signals. Knowing your basics is essential.

Such games will help new hires become familiar with their compensation and benefits, and other facts they need to remember about your company.


While teaching facts, it is always better to make games replayable. Repeating games over and over again, helps learners memorize concepts. The context does not have to be the same. Present similar content in a different context. They will eventually get acquainted with the concepts and this will help them retain information.

Game-based learning is undisputedly the way to help new hires retain information better and get acquainted with the company’s policies and procedures. This sure beats the heck out of answering boring MCQs or listening to long lectures. What’s more – your new hires be impressed with your training and be ready to embrace future training programs too!

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