Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement: A Riveting Way To Transform Corporate Training

Transforming Corporate Training With Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement

Game-based learning is being increasingly adopted by organizations for the value it adds to online training. It has the potential to make online courses exciting and ensure learners complete them. The potential of game-based learning to improve learner engagement and its ability to provide better learning makes it an attractive option in online training.

eBook Release: Free eBook: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement
eBook Release
Free eBook: Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement
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Lack of engagement is one issue training managers have to contend with in online training. Game-based learning can be the game-changer in this context. When training is game-based, learners are naturally attracted toward the course and when they play the game, they experience emotions such as pleasure, surprise, reward, and competition. They are actively involved in the learning process and apply their skills to win the game, collect points, and progress through the course. When they win the game, there is a boost in their self-esteem, especially when it is a challenging game.

Game-based learning can teach new skills to employees in an effective way. Playing games makes them feel they are entering a personalized learning path because they have the freedom to choose the path they feel is right for them. Experts in the subject may choose an advanced level of the game while beginners can choose the basic level and progress through the game. Game-based learning also provides feedback and reinforces learning.

Games give opportunities for learners to make mistakes, learn from them, and try again. A bad score in the game does not mean learners have failed or cannot try again. Games are designed so that learners are motivated to start again and improve their performance. This is a crucial factor in learning.

Games promote social engagement in learning, because when all the trainees are all playing the same game, they can share their experiences and learn together. This encourages peer-based learning. At the same time, the competitive spirit that these games promote can motivate learners to do their best to better each other’s scores. Games that provide a platform for social interaction encourage collaboration, co-operation, and teamwork.

Anyone playing a game will be totally engrossed in the dramatic tension, graphics and sounds, interesting characters and the stories that provide an immersive experience. This experience can be incorporated in scenarios that will evoke an emotional reaction in employees and will be in their memories for a long time.

Games provide an interactive medium where learners can explore and experiment without the fear of consequences. The ability to try, cause a reaction, make a mistake or fail makes it an engaging learning experience. Complex scenarios or procedures can be learned through several attempts and unlimited opportunities to perfect one’s skills make game-based learning an engaging learning experience. Added to this, instant feedback gives learners a chance to improve and a sense of control over the learning process. This promotes a deeper level of engagement.

Organizations looking for a deeper level of engagement used to opt for face-to-face training earlier, but found it too expensive. They turned to eLearning but as a standalone medium, it could not sustain learner engagement. Game-based learning has turned the tables by holding learners’ attention and providing an immersive learning experience that cannot be ignored. And with advanced technology, creating games is no longer expensive.

With the use of appropriate design elements, games can create the right impact and bring the desired results. So if you are looking for an effective alternative to transform dull and monotonous training, consider game-based learning.

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