5 Tips To Use A Gamification LMS To Keep Customers In-The-Know
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How A Gamification LMS Assists Customers To Stay Up-To-Date

When viral social media games first came out, there were new levels every week. Fans received notifications of these new modes. They also got reminders when their lives refilled, or when they’d been away too long. This form of customer education increased engagement, and you can apply it to your organization. Investing in the right gamified LMS equips you to communicate with customers and keep them appraised of product developments. What are some ways you can use a gamification LMS to keep your customers in-the-know?

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eBook Release
Beyond Badges: How To Use A Gamification LMS
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1. Create Attractive Badges

Customers use different elements of gamification online training software, so for some of them, certain areas of the software stay idle. A front-desk staffer, for example, is unlikely to log into the invoicing area of your LMS. They probably know it exists, because it was in the video demo tour, but they’ll never use it. Similarly, customers will skim the intro video, but there are portions of your LMS they’ll never open again. This may cut the business off from potential profit. After all, if the area they’re overlooking has sellable products, the customer won’t be exposed to said products, meaning they won’t buy them. So, if you want your customers to interact with a certain tool or feature, offer completion badges. When the customer engages and gets familiar with a tool, they can receive a ‘mastery badge’ to display on their profile. The badge could earn them perks like discounts, or exclusive merchandise, so they’ll be eager to earn it.

2. Let Them Score Points

What makes you download a particular app or buy from a given brand? You might like their ads or be hopping on the virtual bandwagon. If the product is popular in your circles, peer pressure may get you to go with the flow. Yet another factor is the shared vision. A cat lover might pick a brand after seeing the founder petting a kitten. Or they might get invested once they find out the business supports their favorite charity. This type of customer is a kind of super-user. They follow your organization like many people follow their favorite sports teams. They know obscure trivia and will buy anything you put out, just to show their loyalty. Reward their devotion with tangible quid-pro-quo. It doesn’t have to be a cash voucher, but you can let them earn points. Offer little product quizzes where they can scale the leaderboard for discounts and bragging rights. They’ll love being recognized for their superior policy knowledge.

3. Offer A Deep-Dive Into Upcoming Products

When you like a product and it gets upgraded, you might just rush to buy the new one. After all, your current item is good—so its updated version must be brilliant! But there are customers who are a little more analytical. They want to put the new and old side by side. They want to see what you’ve added, removed, or improved so they can see if it’s worth getting the upgrade. This type of customer makes a great tester, especially since they’re giving you a buyer perspective. A gamification LMS offers up tons of data. Use these metrics to identify beta testers. Invite them to exclusive sections of the LMS, branding their profile with badges that mark their status. They provide a rich feedback pool, and they’re also an aspirational subset. Other customers will engage the LMS more in their desire to join the ‘cool kids’ in the beta testing set. And, of course, the more engagement the better, because it increases opportunities for upsell and conversion.

4. Develop Loyalty Leaderboards

Customers like to know that your company cares about them. It’s true, they are aware that you, ultimately, want their business. But building a rapport with them and giving them the tools they need to make a well-informed purchase are essential. As such, you can develop leaderboards using your LMS that spark friendly competition and reward their loyalty. Not to mention, prompt them to learn more about your products and services. For example, a customer moves up a spot on the board when they receive high marks on your product pop quiz. Or watch your half-hour product launch webinar so that they explore all the features and benefits it has to offer.

5. Incorporate Unlockable Levels

Encourage customers to unlock exclusive levels within the LMS by displaying their knowledge of company policy and products. For instance, they’re able to access the ‘hidden’ serious game when they successfully complete your product certification course. You can also use the same approach and substitute levels for items or events. Such as an invite to your upcoming online VIP meet-and-greet with the company CEO, or access to the ‘brand advocate’ social media group.

Training your customers helps them maximize their use of your product or service. They get more out of it, meaning they enjoy it more, and will recommend it to other buyers. It also minimizes your expenses in tech support and escalation. How can gamification LMS help? You can create badges customers will strive to gain. A points system is helpful too, especially if they can redeem those points for tangible, exclusive awards, the kind of award they can’t gain any other way, for example, limited-edition merchandise that’s not available for sale. Give them the opportunity to become pre-market testers. You get free feedback, and it builds customer loyalty to near immutable levels. You can also reward them for their loyalty by allowing them to rank up and outshine the competition, meaning other consumers.

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